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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Missha Piano Shadow + Makenon Eyeshadow Duo

I love the Missha Piano Shadows. The one on the left is Satin Pastel and the one on the right is Modern City . The Satin Pastels are beautiful! They look so lovely on pale skin for once! The one on the right is fun for trying various smoky eyes. I paid $28 each with ebay. The only downfall to these palettes is that they break easily!

You know what is weird? The three palettes below them are by a company called Milani which is a drug store brand in the USA. They are called Runway Eyes and they are the exact same consistency and break just as easily. It is really weird I think they are the same thing just with a different label! Well if you cant afford the missha ones try these. They come in like 10 different colors and are only $7.00.

This small Duo is by a company called Makenon that is made in Korea. I decided to go to China Town in Philadelphia, Pa to see if they carry any asian brand makeup. I found this little duo and bough it for $8.0. There is a shiny bright heavy light green and a metallic orange color. They also have Shiesido. The women there were like "You are so beautiful! You look like the girls on Tv and Books!" I was blushing but even better was when I said do you have any samples the girl goes. " Since you are beautiful we give you big gift!" They gave me a Shiesido GWP with a huge mirror, mini lipstick and a Sunscreen makeup base.