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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Review of Only Lotree Powder Foundation and Hanskin BB Gold Caviar

So I thought I would try the samples that I received from ipinkkorea on Ebay. Yesterday I tried the Hanskin BB Gold caviar and I was disappointed because it did not offer much coverage. A litter too sheer for me. I didnt think it had a great smell and the packaging was ok. I was really hoping that it would have had some gold shimmer to it.

Next I tried the Lotree Only Powder Makeup Base and Foundation. Well the makeup base was too white for me. I do have fare skin but it made me look even more pale. It was very moisturizing which was nice but when I applied the foundation on top of it, it made my face look so greasy. So I had to blot my face after then apply some powder. The packaging is adorable and so pretty but in the end these products are not for me.

Honestly, I love the MISSHA BB creams the best! I love the shiny because its really shiny! Warning you must like shimmer to use this one! It gives a great powdery coverage. I also like the regular BB cream as it gives a great matte coverage and lastly the Missha BB watery. Its not as heavy and very moisturizing with medium coverage. There are great to play around with depending on the temperature and humidity of the day!

I did also purchase the Missha BB perfect Coverage which was not so perfect. It was just like the others but more expensive and you do not get much!