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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bliss Spa 20 in 1 wonder balm! incredible!

This awesome product is brought to you by bliss spas! This wonder balm can be used to treat: unruly eyebrows, flyaways, mosquitos bites, dry skin, chapped lips, soothe sunburn, sooth with burn, post waxing, heals blisters cuticle spilt ends etc!

You ask yourself how is this possible? Well it contains tea tree oil for soothing irritation, an anti-irritant compley, mango butter for moisturizization and vitamin E oohh tocopherols (any science geeks here? hehe), and nut oils for more moisturization and vitamins! This is $18 and a great buy! 

Bliss also offers an amazing product called fat girl slim and I am telling you I saw a difference in my skin! Lots of vitamins, antioxidants and caffine! 

My other favorite bliss product is the youth as we know it! It is like the balm because it combats several problems from wrinkles, to fine lines, liver spots, aging, loose skin, dryness etc! Another wonderful product!