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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Visee Glamour Eyes, Majolica Majolook and Frozen Splash Eyes

So I got in a little order from I ordered the Visee glamour eyes and I love it! Its the quad in the center. I think I paid $22 for it. 

The picture below shows what the colors look like on my hand. There are two cream eyeshadows which do not crease at all! woo hoo! When I put this palette on, it looked like I had angel eyes! Great buy!
The Majolica Majorca Majolook palette WH951 is also amazing! It reminds me of the hard candy Dillusional palette but more intense and a lot nicer to work with. It looks light in the picture but it does come out darker and more intense.

I also got the Majolica Majorica Frozen splash eyes in Blue because it looked like it would be the most intense. I had purchased the pink one in the past and I was disappointed because it looked like every other light pink shadow. But the Blue is great! It can be soft for an angel look or intense for a bold summer look! Also adamsbeauty gave me a Shiesdo sample of the Perfect Oil which I have yet to try but I think it might be like the Shu uemura oils.