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Friday, August 1, 2008

My Small Origins Haul + Freebies! Woo Hoo

So I wandered in an Origins today in Kansas City MO. Dont ask why I'm here but they were running a good deal which expired today =( Sorry Guys! But it was $10 off a purchase of $40. So I bought $80 worth of product and only paid $60! Plus got some awesome freebies!

$20 Go Gingerly Kit. I love the way this smells! It smells like candied ginger! It is a great kit because its small for traveling and you get to try everything! The kit comes with a scrub, Ginger burst body wash, Whipped body cream and Ginger up Shampoo! 

$22.50 12 good size ginger bath fizzes! But you kinda need two per bath to really smell it. So it is a little pricy.

$12.0 No Offense Alcohol Free Deodorant. Its awesome because it wont burn when you use it after your shave and its made with no preservatives or fillers! But honestly, its not the strongest deodorant. I would still use a stronger one if were t be somewhere really hot!

$20.00 Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Buffing Cleanser- Yummy! Smelled so good had to have it! Not so much grapefruit but more like PEZ orange candy! It has no preservatives or fillers! The buffing is mild but it is very moisturizing!

FREEBIES! I just asked the woman if she had any samples and she gave me huge sized samples!
-She gave me a paradise found body cleanser $1.7oz (Smells like pineapples and oranges), a silkening Body Spritz that somehow magically feels so soft on my skin! I might buy this! She also gave me two mini pods of "Never say Dry"!

I would say I got a pretty good deal today!