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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Etude House/ Missha/ Banilco Haul

Etude House BB Magic Balm. I love the idea of this stuff! I also love the foundation brush that it comes with! It is probably the darkest color I have ever seen come out of asia! It is the color on the left of my hand. It is not the easiest to spread and does not offer great coverage but it is comfortable to wear on a sunny day.

The Etude house BB magic pact I love! When you open it you get a huge whiff of flowers! It also offers great coverage for  a powder. The color is on the right of my hand. Cute packaging as well!

The first lip gloss on the left is by Missha. It is the Lucid berry lips line. It smells so good! This is one of my favorite colors! It is called VL01. Its the color on the bottom row left side on my hand. It is really a different color. It is a lilac purple with blue glitter!

The next color is also by missha and it is called the M luminous Dia gloss. I have like 5 of these. I love the colors!It is the color on the bottom right at end of row.  You also get a good amount in one pump and the packaging is nice and sleek

The next gloss is another missha Lucid berry gloss color PK03 and it is on the top 1st one on the left. It is sheer but with a pinkish orangy glitter!

The next items is also buy Missha. It is the Luminious color Lipgloss WN02. It is a deep plum red with gold and red glitter. Really pretty in the tube but I look like a vampire in it! Its the 2nd on the left top row.

The next gloss I love too! It is the Banilaco Kiss Holic 01 Heaven in Red 01. It is the fourth on the top right. It has several shades to it! When you move it changes colors. It is one of those holographic glosses!

The last gloss is by Missha and it is the M luminous Color gloss in PK09. It is a bright pink with blue and silver glitter. It is the third color from the top right.

The last item is the Missha style cream shadow in the top left corner. The diamond shaped packaging is so cute. Also these cream shadows do not crease and they have a lot of silicone in them so they are really smooth and soft. It is the color in the middle on the bottom row. It is Violet.
This is the Missha procure 365 hair mist in fruity! It does not smell fruity rather it smells like a strong floral smell. Either way it makes my hair smell nice for hours! Its great after I shower when my hair is wet too because when its dries it smells so good! I only paid $9.0
The swatch on the left of my hand is the missha oven blusher! It is really nice! It is great for a thick highlighter/shadow or you can use the brush to give a soft shimmer to the face. It is a mix of whites and dark/light pinks.

The swatch on the right of my hand is hard to see but it is the Missha show powder blusher in Tyra.  It is an orange color but it does not show up strong rather it gives a light hint of a peach color.

The next item is the Etude House Face fix mist. They claim the herbal extracts help set the makeup but in the end it is just a regular face mist. The smell is ok. It wasnt a great buy.

The next item is the O2 white spot. I like the etude house 02 white line but I was hoping that this 02 white spot product would be more like a serum but rather it was just like the 02 white lotion. Also one pump gives more than just a "spot" worth. But the product does contain arbutrin which is a well known skin whitening agent in the cosmetic industry and I know as a cosmetic chemist that is does work!
The last thing I wanted to talk about what the Missha BB creams. Honestly I have tried several BB creams and the Missha line is still my favorite! I like them better than Loetree and Etude House etc. 

The color on the top of my hand is the missha BB Boomer! This is an awesome product that you can wear alone or put it on top of your BB cream and it gives you an iridescent pink glow!

The next color on my hand is the Missha shiny. It is really super glittery! I love it and the glitter covers your skin so evenly that it looks like you really have glittery skin. Ohh and the finish of this product is perfect for me. It gives me a soft powdery look and it is easily spreadable!

The next one down on my hand is the Missha Watery. This balm it the thinnest of all of them and provides the least coverage but it is great for a super hot day. It is literally like 50% water. Sometimes the water separates a little and you just have to shake it to get it back to its form.

The very last balm on my hand is the Missha regular BB cream. It is thick and heavy and gives super great coverage! It is great if you are doing a photoshoot and want every blemish covered!

I have the Missha Perfect coverage that I have talked about before and I was not impressed for the price, quantity or hype of the product.

Has any tried the Missha BB gold?