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Thursday, August 21, 2008

NEW Sasa.Com Haul- Clio, Mikanchan, Suki, Pupa, Sasa

Hey guys~
Happy post/parcel days are here for me today!

I got 5 pupa luminys. They are those baked kind of shadows. I just love the pupa ones because they are very shiny, pigmented and metallic. I ordered  #8,9,10,11 and 12. The colors are on my hand below. They are the really shimmery ones.

I also ordered the Mikanchan Apple Hand cream and the Peach hand cream and peach lip balm.
The containers are so cute! There is not much in the hand creams. Literally like 2 oz! But they do smell lightly like real fruits and they feel very nice! Not oily more like a silcone based.  The lip balm is very oily like and super shinnnnyyy!!

The suki crystal loose powder on the left is so cute! I love the containers and it was so cheap! I chose the green color and it gives me a lighter complexion and helps hid my red spots. There is no shimmer in it. 
In the middle is the Clio Art Blusher in peach. It is on my hand between the red and black shadow. It is a very very shimmer orangy peach. Almost too much shimmer but if you use the brush given it gives a soft orangy glow.
The pupa luminys blush in 2 is on the far right of my hand. It is not as shimmery as the Clio but is does give a lighter peach glow.It is ok not as happy with it.
There is also a Sasa lovely shadow in NYL003. OMG this color is just like the shu uemura Yellow 330 for a quarter of the price! It is on the bottom of my hand by the wrist. The lovely shadows are really metallic and there are only $5.50 and they are very soft like Shu shadows!