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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A small beauty store near me was having a 15-30% sale on Shu uemura! Thats hard to find. So I stocked up some of my favorite blushes. I love shu uemura blushes! They are probably some of my favorite blushes out there because they have a wide range of colors that include gold and even purple! They also are very pigmented in which I like.

The first glow on blush I got was a tester because it was discontined but it is a deeper purple with Blue iridescence! That is a really neat combo. P Purple B9

The next blush was from the fall collection I believe Stoik Pink. Its really nice because it is very matt so it gives that cute asian doll look!

The next blush is more like a highlighter. It is a white with a pink iridescence. Its really neat!

The last blush is also a highter but it is white with silver microglitter. P Silver 91

I have them tested on my hands below but the lighter does not do these blushes justice! Oh what a world!

I also got a shu eyeshadow called IR Beige 800.  Its the eyeshadow on my hand on the top left! Its crazy looking huh? It is a massive gold intense iridescence. 
Since I know the women kinda well at the store, they threw in some old testers of a lipstick artistic color in YL900 and OR 800. I believe these are dicontinued. They work great with glossy lipsticks because they change the hue. 
I also got a bunch of dermatologica samples. I used to use one of their cleansers. They are a pretty good line. But then I again I never have the patience to use a product for weeks to see usually small results.