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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Anniversary Haul Sasa, Suki, Majolica Majorica, ElisahCoy, Colour Zone, Clio, Pupa, Australis

My boyfriend of 5 yr. soon to be fiance' got me the best gift ever. He found the site and ordered me 46 pieces of over seas makeup! Brands like Sasa, Suki, Majolica Majorca, Clio, Pupa, Australis. I thought I would give some feedback on my products!

I do want to mention that it was very easy to work with and they gave 3 freebies and they are always running  several deals with the companies that they sell on their site! The shipping is free for international orders over $75 and I even returned a few items and that was easy as well. 

Strawberry Yogurt Mask. First off I love the packaging and it comes with a little spoon! It smells lovely. Its the fake kind of strawberry smell but I love that smell! As for the product it does not deliver any major benefits for my skin.

Suki 15 eye color palette. Its actually really nice for the price! Pretty cheap! The colors are not sheet or flat. Rather they have a medium shimmer and are heavily pigmented!

Australis Mini Clutch Palette. Oh this kit is so cute! Its so soft and discrete. The colors in the palette are kinda sheer. So this is not that great of a buy for the price. 

Sasa Trio palettes- Good quality for price! Really pigmented and soft!

Clio Art Professional shadow- Expensive! But the quality is there for the price! Colors are pigmented and multi reflective with a silver background!

Majolica Majorca eye shadow customize- Of coarse these shadows are great! I only paid $9.30 for them at Color Be121 is kinda sheer and may not be worth it if you have a vanilla color already.

Sasa Single eyeshadows are only $3.40 and these have a pretty good amount of pigment and a wide selection of color!

Colour Zone- these are also great colors! They are around $7-8 so they can add up if you buy a few. But the colors again are pigmented but are not metallic. 

ElisaCoy Cacao Greentea Age fitness Mask- This mask is divine! It smells just like chocolate! But it is very expensive for the size you get. It feels like a thin mask and it dries but it washes off easily. I did feel that my skin was really smooth after washing it off!