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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Phia Black

So I have been getting into the idea of a light black gloss. The kat von D one by Sephora is great because of the sparkles in it but you have to apply a lot to get a little color.

The Lancome Phia Black gloss which they came is new was actually out a few years ago and it was a limited edition that was sold with a red lipstick. It was supposed to create a vampire look when black gloss was applied on top of a red gloss. 

Well I just wanted the gloss. I found out about the existence of the color about two months ago and was really saddened to know that I could not get my hands on it.

But now... IM HAPPY! I love this color! One swipe of the color is the perfect sheer black. Two coats of it is way to dark for me and I look kinda weird but I bet on a dark skin that this would look great too! I am tempted to prep my lips with a nude gloss and then apply the color.

My complete look. From afar it looks like a deep red or a dark pink gray. That is because of my natural lip color underneath. I think I just might try to prime my lips first next time.

Either way, I highly recommend trying this color out. It is LE so get it while you can. You never know, you might be surprised when you see it on yourself!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Etude House Orgel Light Eyeshadow Trio 06

What a lovely box!
Oh my the packaging! How we get sucked by its Prettiness! This pink color compact is an identical color to my car! No Kidding!
This eyeshadow trio is heavily pigmented! I love it! They are very shimmery! Make sure you use a primer with this one ladies!  Otherwise you will be wearing the color on your cheeks!

The top color looks more like a khaki green. The middle is an intense light pink shimmer and the bottom is a midnight blue. I purchased this from an etude house seller on Gmarket. 
I am tempted to buy more!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

L'oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss and L'oreal HIP Lipgloss

For the price these babies are great!

So I have three L'oreal Glam Shines to show you!

Left to right

Prima Donna, Diva, Seductress

Prima Donna is a beige gloss with silver shimmer
Diva is a purple-ish gloss with silver shimmer
Seductress is a mauve with silver shimmer

These lipglosses are super dazzling! They are the most shimmery glosses that I have seen L'oreal ever put out! The glitter in them is all silver. These glosses offer a lot of shimmer, shine, and dazzle! I highly recommend trying one! They last about an hour before having to reapply like most glosses. The glosses have a sweet strawberry scent.

Left to right Giddy, Romantic, Dreamer, and Hypnotic
The Hip glosses are also really nice for the price! They are super pigmented. They are thick glosses but they last about 2 hours on the lips. 

Left to right
Giddy, Romantic, Dreamer and Hypnotic

Giddy is a bright pink gloss with pink iridescent glitter
Romantic is a pinkish red gloss with bright pink shimmer
Hypnotic is a lilac pink gloss with pink shimmer
Dreamer is a maroon with pink/redish glitter

These are scented like cotton candy. The texture can be a little tacky.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lip and Eyeshadow FOTD! Pop Beauty Rose Eyes, Lancome Color Design

I am wearing the Pop Beauty Rose Eyes palette. Black lining the inner eyelid and gray around on top of the black, rose pink on the inner corner and I blended the gray and pink out the outside to create the purple smoke color.

My mascara is The Style High Curling Mascara.

Lancome Design Lipstick.
Its a bright pink with a blue sheen. That is not my camera doing that! Its such a different color.
The Color is Poodle Skirt. Its Metallic.

Eyeshadow FOTD Pop Lid Neon, NYX Glitter Mascara, Missha 360 Dress Mascara

The eyeshadow colors that I am wearing are all from the Pop Beauty Lid Neon Collection. 

My Mascara is Missha 360 Dress Volume Mascara
I also have a green glitter NYX Glitter Wand Mascara on top of the black mascara

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner Groupie

So I noticed that Sephora has the new glitter liner colors in as well as the new colors of the 24/7 liners. I was told by a Sephora rep that the cream shadows will not hit Sephora for another few weeks.
So I took a few different photos at different angles so that you could see the color.

I like this color because it is a pale pink and not a hot pink. The formula is just as great as all the others, it never comes off lol!


Skin Food SkinFood Black Sesame Hot Mask

I love this mask! I tried a sample of it and I had to buy it. As you rub it in your face, it creates a warming sensation. It is made of sugar and salt and sesame seeds amongst other fillers. The salt acts as a really good exfoliator. I left it on for 3 mins and after I washed it off my face definitely felt softer due to the exfoliation. 
It may not look pleasant but it has a neat smell that I enjoy a lot.
When you put it on your face, do not worry you will not look crazy lol. It only is tinted a little black. I think I paid $12.90 for on

Tony Moly BB Cream

Not much to say about this BB Cream. I bought it on Its a great match to my skin. It smells like flowers and I do not get oily during the day. I have been slowly pulling away from BB creams and foundations as they all have Comodeogenic ingredients (Pore clogging ingredients).

 I love the way foundations and BB Creams make my skin look but truth be told I found this list online and in my text book and so many of the common ingredients in BB Creams and foundations are pore cloggers!

Either way I am slowly switching to the Neutrogena Mineral line, Clinique, and Almay as their brands offer several Oil Free, Fragrance Free and Non pore clogging products. Basically products that are not fun but that do actually protect my face.

I have been off the BB Creams for 2 weeks and my skin sadly is better! I have been treating my face with Salicyclic Acid and Retinol moisturizers everyday.

Either way back to this BB cream. The smell and texture alone sell me with the BB Cream. Its actually a great buy!

WORD TO THE WISE WOMEN: Not everything in our cosmetics are good for our faces! Be careful always read the labels!

Innisfree Herb BB Watery Care BB Cream Oil Free

This BB cream contains organic and botanical ingredients. It contains chamomile which reduces skin irritation and gives a cool feeling. Green tea and urea boost natural humidor and aids in watery skin. It also contains minerals.

It has a pleasant smell and does not feel very heavy on this skin. The coverage is medium and it does not make me feel oily during the day. The product is for oily or dry skin. Also I did not gain any additional blemishes like I have with Skin 79 products.  This was purchased for $15.30 on

The color blended in on my hand. It gives a natural look and it blends in so well! For the price its definitely a well rounded BB cream and its makes a nice addition to anyones collection!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kat Von D by Sephora Lightning Sheer Lip Gloss Gunmetal and Party Animal

Even though I am not a fan of the person who sponsors this line, I have to say I love these colors. They are the same formulas as the normal Sephora glosses. The packaging is pretty. Its all black with Silver drawings of Roses

On Top Gunmetal
Bottom Part Animal
I have been looking for a sheer black or gray gloss and I found it! It makes for a really neat gloss! This is the first one I found! It just gives a new and neat look to any cat eye look or dark shade look.

The party animal is pretty neat too! Its an orange tint with yellow shimmer!

These smell sweet and last a normal amount of time. I like that the applicator wand. It is a clear plastic wand and not a white plastic wand like normal. I have to put on a few applications to get the color to show up so I suggest to buy the full size and not the minis.

The orange gloss! Excuse the close up! lol


You read this write!

$175 million of free cosmetics will be given out by several retail stores including Macys Nordstroms etc Go to this website for details

This is due to a lawsuit from 94' to 2003. You just have to say that you purchased makeup at some point from the listed brands on the site. You do not have to show proof of purchase. Just sign the sign in sheet and you get one of several products for free!

The products will be given out on January 20th!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Face Shop Span Clear Matte Compact Powder

The Face Shop Span Compact is a nice simple compact. It as a pleasant flower smell.

Supposedly the powder has been formulated with tropical fruits that prevent dryness. The powder contains silicone that helps aid in water retention.

The powder does control sebum and and excess sweat. After wearing it all day, my face did not produce oil. It offers a sheer to medium coverage and it lasted all day without having to reapply.

The powder puff is very nice. I often think the puffs that comes with asian powders are better than the ones in the american powders. The asian powders have a velvet feel while the american powder puffs do not have a holder and they feel like terry cloth.
The color shown on my hand is number 21. It is the lightest color that they offer. It blends well it to my skin.
I purchased it for $12.00 from

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Urban Decay Spring 09 Collection Available Online!

Urban Decay Spring 09 Collection!

What am I eyeing?

I am eyeing the heavy metal glitter liner in Groupie

The cream shadows in Whipped, Shphynx, radium, delinquent, asphalt, Midnight Rodeo

My only problem is that I remember the old cream shadows. Do you remember them? In the same tube? They were discontinued because they dried out so quickly and the cream shadow palette was an even bigger nightmare! They dried out and separated from the pans!

Side note: Did anyone notice on the Heavy Metal Glitter gels that there are expiration dates on the boxes? Mine was not due to expire until December 08 and I returned it in August because the gel had somehow turned into a liquid! I was really disappointed and not to mention that Sephora had tons on their shelves that had expired! They did not even know...or so they say.

Well anyway, the colors look beautiful! I just hope the cream shadow is a different formula!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Eyeshadow FOTD- Jill Stuart and Laneige and Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Mascara

I am wearing 2 coats of Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in mascara

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye color in green butterfly on my lower lid and on the middle of my lid I have Laneige Coral Peach eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow FOTD- Pop Beauty Smokey Rose and Dior Iconic Mascara

I am wearing the Pop Beauty Smokey Rose eye palette and my favorite mascara Diorshow Iconic Mascara. I am also wearing the Anastasia brow pencil in strawberry brunette.

I am wearing the dark gray around the eye and the medium gray on the outer corner of my eye and the bright pink on the inner eye and at the top of my eye is the pale pink color.

I have curled my eye lashes and they put two coats of iconic mascara.

My eyelid closed. My mascara makes my eyes and eyeshadow look super dramatic.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Etude House BB Magic Mist - Disappointment!

Well I bought this because it said BB of course! I have the Etude House BB Magic Balm and the BB Magic Mousse in which I love both! However I thought that this item was going to give all the benefits of a BB like coverage, moisturization, help blemishes etc.  But it does not offer any coverage at all. It is a sheer mist. Probably mostly made of water and alcohol. It really did not do anything. It did not help blemishes or anything! Its probably nice on a hot day or after a work out but sadly it just feels like I am spraying water on my face.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Skin Food Aloe BB Sun Pact

This BB pact has an SPF of 20 and it offers a medium coverage. It has a soft pleasant smell. It reminds me of the smell of grass but with a sweet hint.  It offers all the great attributes of a BB cream. It offers moisturization and protection against blemishes.  It has aloe and chamomile extracts and it a water based emulsion pact. 

The color shown is number 1. It blends in well against my fair skin tone. It also gives a powdery look once applied and a powder is not needed afterward. I paid about $17 for it on ebay. I do not think it was a bad buy but its something great to add to my collection.