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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Awesome News! Sasa.Com is selling Skin Food! Skinfood!

Hey Ladies!

I was browsing on Sasa. com yesterday and I found about 30 Skin Food items! They carry several wash off masks, BB cream, and a few other skin food items. They prices also are pretty good!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

VOV Glow Lip Rouge

The VOV Glow Lip Rouge is a great lipgloss.  The color shown here is number 4. The box first off has a beautiful flower design on it and the "Glow Lip Rouge" is embossed with a metallic shimmer.

The cap of the lipgloss has the same pretty floral design on it. The patterns on the VOV glosses remind me of something that CLIO would do. The design is very artsy.

One swipe of the color gives a rich pink color. There is no shimmer in this color. The gloss is not tacky and it has a pleasant smell. Its stays on for about 30 to 40 mins before you have to reapply it.  I bought it for a great price on Gmarket. I believe it only comes in about 5 shades. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Etude House I Can't Stop Smiling - Spring Collection

I have had this collection for a few days and I just could not wait to post on it but with the holidays it has been hard.

So first the prettiest part of the collection is the I can't stop smiling blush pearls.

The puff in this is so beautiful! The bottom of the puff is a pink velvety puff but the top is an angelic fluffy bow!

Below is the multi color pearls. Despite this being protected in shipping, most of my green pearls were broken. Of course as most asian blushes, it is not a blush. It is more of a highlighter. I did not swatch the highlighter because I could not get a good picture of it. It really just gives a pretty light pink sheen. The pearls are more chalky and more powdery than shimmery. So in my opinion it has a texture like a blush but looks more like a soft highlighter.
The next part of the collection is the "Smile" perfume. I purchased it in the jelly form. They do sell it in a neat lace bottle as well. Well this perfume is kinda strong. It smells like most asian perfumes in my opinion. It is very heavily scented but it does have a nice lemon smell in the background. I put a little on my wrist and I had a headache for hours =(
Below is a cute little kit that I heart so much. It has for little containers each with something different.
When you turn over the containers, the bottoms have a special shape in the plastic such as a heart or star. They really payed attention to the detail.

So the yellow star is a cake fragrance in the scent of "Smile", the "star" is a pink blush cream, the blue heart is a silver cream shadow that unfortunately creases like mad but if you mix it with some powder is helps prevent the creasing. The last container is a clear orange sheer gloss that smells like the "smile" fragrance. 
From left to right: the silver shadow, the pink blushing cream, and the clear gloss.
When it comes to color and overall performance, the lipgloss collection is the best. These smell like berries and have a great color payoff! I just love the boxes in this collection! I just do not want to throw any out!
Left to right: The berry color gloss is more of a light pink shimmer gloss, the middle gloss is a very light pink gloss but with purple iridescence and last is a red berry gloss that has no shimmer. All of these are truly lovely.

This whole collection was purchased from the Gmarket seller Etude House.

What do you think?

I want to know!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eyeshadow FOTD- Etude House and Dior Iconic Mascara

So I am wearing an Etude House Eyeshadow Palette. One of the limited editions ones in which they had the dark eyeshadows. I have navy blue on the bottom, the gray and purple on the middle of the lid, and then over the whole eye lid I have the white shimmer.

I am also wearing the Dior Iconic Mascara. I must say I think I have achieved the perfect "fan" with this mascara.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Eyeshadow FOTD!

I am wearing Rimmel Glam Trick eyes mascara, Colour Zone Eyeshadow Duo in 02 which is a pink and coral. A real cheap Asian company! Then I have Etude house Designing highlighter on the top of my eyes. Also Anastatsia eye pencil in strawberry brown. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Body Shop Sparkle Eye Palette 01 Tropical Colors!

Once again I love the recent collection by the Body Shop. I am not sure if L'oreal helped them with this or not but it is a huge improvement to their makeup line! Check out my earlier review on the 02 palette in this collection.

The colors are so rich! The packaging is so pretty and glamorous! Also the little drawer at the bottom is nice if you want to put a lipgloss in there!

So here are the colors swatched on my hand. My favorite color is the one in the middle. It is a copper orange shimmer color.
I used all the colors on my eye. The yellow on the upper lid by the eyebrow, the copper on the outer eye lid and the lighter green on the inner eyelid and the dark green on the base. Then I took the white-ish gold and put it all of the eye and then I blended everything! 


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lioele BB Pressed Powder

I love the package of this powder! It has a quilted pink shimmer fabric under the plastic container. Also I love the logo of this company because it reminds me of the Disney Princess Carriages!
The applicator is very nice in this pact. It is very soft and has a velvet feel when touched. It also holds on to the powder nicely.
The powder does have some shimmer. But it is so minimal that you cannot see it when applied. Also the smell is nice. It is a heavier floral scent but I have smelt ones that are stronger. It is about the strongest that I will go when it comes to scents in powders. 

The formula of this powder is different then others in that it has a more loose consistency and a more baby powder like texture. I can tell it does not have a lot of fillers holding it together like most powders. Actually I like it better this way because it feels more natural when applied. 

This is the color number 23. This is a little lighter than other 23s. I did not swatch it because it can barely be seen on my hand since its actually a perfect match.

I bought it on Gmarket from the Lioele seller. They gave me so much free stuff! It was crazy! I bought three things from them and they have me 4 full size items, tons of minis and some coupons.

I highly recommend this company for the quality and price!

Urban Decay Eye Shadows Matte and Shimmer: Jones Vert Elderado Electric Purple Haze

I went into Ulta and one of the workers handed me a Friends and Family Coupon for the day of 40% off for in store only. So I purchased several Urban Decay Eyeshadows!

Here are the color and swatches

Jones: A shimmery medium to bright orange. The only orange by UD.
Vert: An iridescent green shimmer! Really a neat color! My fave of the 5.
Elderado: A yellow gold shimmer with heavy flakes!
Electric: A bright matte blue! A neat super matte eyeshadow. Very pigmented.
Purple Haze: A deep purple iridescent shadow!
Left to right:

Purple Haze  :  Elderado:  Jones:  Vert : Electric

Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara

I actually really like this brush. It is one of those hard plastic bristle brushes. Usually there is only 2-4 rows of those type of brushes. However this one has like 6 rows of the plastic bristles. I feel that the more plastic bristles that there are, then the more likely your eyelashes are to stay straight when you apply mascara. The regular wire like bristles are nice for volume but often at the end of the lash where the mascara extends them, they often start to bend and not stay straight. 
The brush does not deposit a lot nor does it give a lot of volume. But it gives a great natural look. It also in my opinion gave me the closest look of the perfect "fan" lashes. 

Makeup FOTD

Today I am wearing Laneige Eyeshadow in Y437 Gold prism. Etude House eye shadow BR302 to make the smoke and Cyber Colors Pink Quartz 05 on the top of the eye. I am also wearing Maybelline XXL Mascara with primer. For my liner I am wearing, Rimmel Soft Kohl in black. I smeared it with a smudge brush.

Friday, December 12, 2008

BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!!! Suki Pure is Suck-y Pure!

Suki Pure or Suck-Y Pure? That is the question.

So I had a lovely little post about a day ago on this cheap little brand from overseas that I love! But because that name of the company exists in the US in which they sell different products, I am not allowed to post on it because they have a similar name trademarked for the US even through my product is from Korea. The brand has two words Suki Pure and only the first word is the same! To all my viewers, can you figure out which post over the last two days has been taken down?

I got sent a threatening email that they were going to forward it to their attorneys by Monday if I did not take it down! Also they only emailed me in the middle of the day today, Friday! How unprofessional! They have given me barely any notice! Plus to top it off, their email subject said Important and Urgent and it went to my spam box! Also they accused me of trying to sell my stuff! If they read my blog, all I did was post pictures of it! 

They said the problem will be resolved if I take it down, but all they did was make a problem for me. As a cosmetic chemist for a major billion dollar company, I bet that Suki Pure customers are not happy with their customer service.

 In fact, I have read several blogs now on this brand and one person  said, I quote "Suki Color my ass. This thing should be called Suck-y Color because thats basically all this thing does. It sucks and it sucks hard"


Also this company over charges for things that are made with vegetable oil, shea butter and all cheap stuff that you can buy and make yourself. Do you want to make natural stuff cheaply? Go to They sell all the organic ingredients to make everything!

Lastly, I work with several chemicals that are in the ingredients that many natural/ organic companies are saying are bad for you. First off they have no facts to back that information. Secondly, the FDA regulates what is deemed safe to go in cosmetics. So if you trust the FDA with your food and things that go in your body, why would you not trust them with cosmetics?

Do not over pay for something that is "pure", when in all honesty those "pure" ingredients are super cheap! 

The answer is Suck-y Pure! Meaning they purely suck! Wow its great being able to voice an opinion since we live in the land of FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF CHOICE

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Makeup Eyeshadow Photo of the Day!

The light blue line on the top of my eye is by Missha in the Style Line.

The Gray shadow I am wearing is by Urban Decay in Gunmetal
I am also wearing under my eye, the Urban Decay Glitter liner in Spandex

Monday, December 8, 2008

Isle of Eden Get Glowing Sugar Scrubs

I got a super good deal on these scrubs by the Isle of Eden. I heard of this neat little company from the Muse.  I got a 50% off deal plus a free scrub! So I ended up getting 4 scrubs for only $27.00 with shipping! How crazy is that? 

Also these are full size~ 10 oz! I chose to have the tops decorated. Its free so why not! Basically all they do is add glitter. It is nothing like it looks on the internet though! 

The scrub is pretty abrasive and it does not have a lot of oil in it. It does have several natural oils but it is mostly sugar.  It super exfoliates and it does turn into a creamy fluff! It does not leave a scent on you after using it unfortunately. Also it does not leave much moisture behind. Either way if you can get these cheap they are worth it because they smell lovely, they super exfoliate, and they are cute! I also even tried this on my face! It really removes dead skin cells! 

The first scent is Aquamarine Dream! It smells like sweet sugar!

Carnival of Doom from the Halloween Collection. Smells just like an orange cream-sickle.
Banana Vanilla Cake. Smells just like Banana with a fluffy light vanilla cake scent!
Chocolate Cappuccino-  Smells just like the name. Its a good pick me up or even good when you are on a chocolate crave!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pixi Lumi Lux Eye Palette

Another UK brand! Pixi by Petra is a popular UK brand. You can buy them at Target as well. One of the original creators of this brand created POP Beauty as well, which can be found at Sephora. Rumor has it that Sephora will soon pull this brand. Either way Pop Beauty and Pixi use the same ideas and formulations in their products. I also suggest to try out this brand! I am going to be posting some pics of their small eyeshadow palettes. These are also nice. or

This palette is not cheap it was $38 but I have to say you get an amazing amount of colors! From dark to light to shimmers to metallics! 

The palette is encased in a gold foil looking packaging. It looks like a cute clutch! One downfall is that there is no brush or applicator so you have to bring one in your purse!

This is the palette opened
This is a swatch of the dark side and light side. I have to say the most fun part of doing these swatches was just wiping my whole arm across the palette. The swatches came out so perfect!
This is a zoomed in view of the top half of the darks.
Lower half of the darks.
Upper half of the lights.
Lower half of the lights.
Then I took both my arms and rubbed one arm against the other and I created these neat combo colors!

JK Jemma Kidd Hi-Design Eye Color I-Design

So I had heard of JK Jemma Kid because of the Muse's blog. It is a neat little brand that is based out of the UK.  They sell the Jemma Kidd line at Target and what's great is that they have testers for them! How many times do you go into stores and you cannot test them! Well maybe because this is an expensive brand for Target. They eyeshadow price is $18.00. That is the price of an Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow! Well honestly they are just as high quality and as high pigmented. The packaging is not as cute. The packaging is similar to Shu Uemura.

Jemma Kidd has another line called  "Jemma Kidd Makeup School". The line is definitely more expensive but sadly it is the same thing as the regular JK Jemma Kidd line! You would think it would be different but its basically the same stuff!

From the Hi-color collection. The color on the left is modernist and the color on the right is artiste. The eyeshadows have JK impressed all over them. The difference between the Hi color collection versus the I color is that the Hi color is more intense in shades. The I color is less intense but just the same pigmentation.The color on the left is similar to Urban Decay Asphyxia but more purple. It still has the purple iridescent in the background. The color on the left is a green with a yellow/gold background.
The color above is vintage and it is in the I color line.
As you can tell it is just as pigmented but the color is not as intense.

Overall the quality of this brand is great! I also love the that the shadows are in pink pans! If you like Urban Decay or Too Faced, this is definitely a brand to try!