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Friday, October 31, 2008


Sugar, Bourjois, and Pop Beauty All Pulled From Sephora!!! Scandalous!

Hey Ladies

   I am devastated to deliver this news! Most of us knew that Sugar was pulled from Sephora and under a week ago so was Bourjois! I love this line and I missed the huge sale! But I spoke to a person who works at Sephora and they told me Pop Beauty is going to be pulled as well! It is still full price. Keep checking ladies, for the sale to start on Pop Beauty. This darn economy is now affecting our favorite brands! Oh this is a frightful Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Laneige Snow Crystal Prism Shadow in Snow Prism

This is really one of the best loose eyeshadows when it comes to being shimmery and sparkly. It has bigger chunks and it is way more reflective than most shadows. I paid $11 for it in Flushing NY at the Laneige store. I also like that it does not have a sifter. It just has a small hole that plugs when shut. Its the perfect size to fit a brush in. It also works great as a shimmer for the face. The color can be  seen on my hand.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What a lovely cover!  Wonder in awe over the 3D beauty on the inside. It is very pretty but is also very useless. Also this palette is huge! Not conventional for carrying in a purse but great if you need something to bring with you on a vacation.
16 beautiful colors! Some are only available in the palette.  Perversion, Mayhem, sidecar, gridlock, scandal, shakedown, absinthe , and protest! Half of these shadows are limited to just this collection. If you love UD, this creator recommends picking this product up at Sephora. For the price of $45 and 16 shadows this is a huge steal! The brushes in this palette are decent. They are of similar quality to their professional brushes. Also this kit comes with a mini primer potion.

Pic with flash
Top to bottom- Mostly limited colors to palette: Perversion, mayhem, sidecar, shakedown, goddess, absinthe, and protest. Without Flash. My favorite color in this palette is Absinthe. The reason why I like this color because it is an iridescent green with a touch of yellow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Etude House Dual Change Eyeliner + Eyeshadows + Petite Lipsticks

So the dual change liner is similar to many eyeliners. However, it is not a felt tip liner. It is a brush liner. This is why I really like this eyeliner. It can move more with the shape of your eye. Whereas a felt tip liner cannot do this. Technically, practically any liquid eye liner can be a dual change. What Etude House means by dual change is that you can use the tip of the liner to make a fine line or you can press harder and use more of the side to make a thick line. The precision of the liner is impressive. Also, it is not leaky or a thick solution. It is like a sharpie pen. Also, it stays on for a long time and you need eye makeup remover to remove it. It was around $5 on

These shadows were only $3.0 a piece on Gmarket. com and for the price the payoff I think is worth it. Not to mention the cute designs. These were from the "Etude House" seller.
The colors below are swatches of the shadows. From left to right, PK704, GR601, PK006,WH704, YL802.
The Petite lipsticks are nice because they are smaller so that they can be carried around easier and because if you are like me, a smaller amount is better because you will never get through a normal size one. This is only because I have like 500+ lipsticks =)
Some of the colors have glitter and some are matte. Either way they all have a glossy finish. You have to apply 2 coats to get full coverage. Also the lipsticks impart a super soft feeling when applied.
From left to right, PP902, PK002, PK005, PK008. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Etude House Orgel Light Highlighter

This highlighter was an interesting buy because it is a very shimmery white highlighter. Most highlighters are of a pink tint or a brown tint. This I like because it is great for the cheeks and eyes. I have yet to see such a white shimmer highlighter. It has a creamy texture and a little goes a long way. This will sure last for a while. This was purchased from Gmarket

The picture below is what the highlighter looks like on my hand. As you can see, it is very white, even against my fair skin. It looks powdery but it actually looks creamy on the face.

Etude House Peach Tint Blusher #3 Watery pink

This was a great cheap buy! $5.50 on Gmarket.  It feels cool to the touch and imparts a very frosty sheen with a pink tint. I am going to purchase the orange one soon. It does not make you feel oily later in the day. It does feel a little sticky on your cheeks but what stick blusher does not?

#3 watery pink

This is the color rubbed in on my hand. It can be made darker by adding more. It gives a cute glow to your cheeks!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Etude House Magic Bubbling Peeling/BB Magic Fresh Cool Mousse

I most say I heart both of these products. I have been waiting so long for them. Since they are aerosol, it was very hard to get them in the USA.

So first I want to talk about the Magic Bubbling Peeling. I love the pump dispenser on this. You tilt it upside down and in one quick squeeze you have enough for your face. 

This is after the peeling on my hand.
This is one pump of the peeling. After you gently pat it on your face, it will start to dry. Then you can peel it off. It did not tingle or cause any burning. My skin felt cleaner after.
This is a quick pump of BB Mousse. A little more than shown is needed for one use. The foam turns into a liquid and actually gives a COMPLETELY FLAWLESS light coverage. It is amazing. It is also fun to put on!
This is what it looks like on my hand after it was rubbed in. It gives a soft dewy complexion. It also has a light soft scent. Definitely a keeper! It also blends well for any light to medium skin tone!

Etude House Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner and Ice MIst

I love the Aqua Sherbet Ice toner! It is an aerosol based spray and when it goes on the pouf it gets a little foamy and as soon as you put it on your face it crackles and turns ICE COLD. It smells amazing! It is made with Alaskan Glacier Mineral water and grapefruit water. It is the best toner because it does remove all reside on the face like an alcohol based toner. But either way this stuff is great and it makes you smell lovely!

Pic above is the ice toner on my hand.

The aqua Sherbet Face Mist is ok. It does have a nice wide spray angle and does coat the face in a second or two.  The smell I think is supposed to be the same but it smells more like a lemon based cleaning product. Luckily this was a freebie.


So I was going through GMarket under new arrivals for Etude House and found these two cute and sexy palettes! I love these palettes! These are darker colors. They are all pigmented and lovely! The packages are the same but these have a darker case color. They are not pink. These colors go great with practically everything when it comes to a sophisticated office look! There is not much to say besides "wow".

This palette is used to create a smokey look with kakhi and beige! 
This one is also used to create a smokey look but with gray/ blue or brown!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Face Shop Charcoal Facial Cleanser and Cacao Moisturizer Spray

The love the Face Shop Cacao Moisturizer Spray! I was hoping that it would smell more like Chocolate but Cacao is just the bean that chocolate is made from so I cannot expect it to smell like Chocolate. It does have a nice cocoa butter smell. It is a light moisturizer. It also have a wide spray range. I got it at a bogo sale at the Face shop store in Flushing, NY.

The Face shop charcoal cleanser really foams up! The color of the product is a pretty gray sparkle with blacks bits. It is made with charcoal powder and it is great if you have oily skin. It really helped dry my skin up. I only paid $6 for it! It has a rose smell.

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics- Eye pigments, Eye shadows, lip glosses, lip lites

I love Jesse's Girl! They are a cheap brand that you can get online or at Rite Aid's. There shimmer pots are just as pigmented as Mac's and are only $4.0 each! The best comparison is to Bare Essentials Eye shadows. Also the eyeliners are nice because they are bright and you can get them with shimmer! The lip glosses are thick and pigmented as well! They have several collections that get released through out the year. I will swatch these soon!

The swatches on their website do not give these products justice. Also the website is really silly looking. Lastly when you purchase from the site they give you like 30 freebies! You get full size freebies of real products plus sample pigments! I highly recommend getting something by this brand!

Have you tried this brand?
What do you think of it?



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skin Food Banana Concealer, Green Tea and Milk Mask, Cocoa and Honey Mask

Banana Concealer! Doesn't this sound yummy? When I smelt this, I just about came close to eating it! Well it is a good concealer! It has a sturdy holder, and the concealer itself is creamy yet solid consistency and can easily be applied. I went with number 21 because I planed on using it around my eyes.
These masks both came with an "essence" to mix with the powder. This is the type of mask that you only mix enough for 1 use at a time. I like that is comes in a mixing cup and it came with an applicator/spoon. The smell of both of these are nice. Rich green tea and all its antioxidant properties attracted me to the Green Tea and Milk mask. As for the cocoa and honey mask, its obvious what attracted me! THE COCOA! I love anything with cocoa! For only $4.50 each, I think these were a steal! These smell nice, feel nice, and are cheap!




Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Banila Co Mineral Surprise Baking Pact, De la Couture Blusher

I had to try the banila co Mineral Surprise baking pact because it was baked! It smells like most banila co products, the same pretty floral smell. The powder was nothing spectacular. It gave a decent coverage and the color was a good color. It was not too white more like a soft nude.

The color on my hand. Rubbed in and not rubbed in.
De la Couture blusher. Once again, I have been disappointed by Banila co. Like many "blushes" in Korea, they are more like highlighters and not blushes. It has the same smell as the baking pact and other powders. The packaging is pretty but it is only taped to the bottom because when I got it, it was partially unattached. I like that on the inside that there is a mirror. Also the pact is a nice copper colored metal. The pattern of the "blush"  is pretty.
Here is a pic of the "blush" on my hand. If you want to make a blush out of it you have to use a good amount and then it makes your face look cake-y.

What do you think?
Do you own any products by Banila co? Tell me if ya do.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jelly Pong Pong Venus Magical Pearls- Immortal and Aurora

I love these pearls! I got them for only$16 each with free shipping from This is a lot cheaper than getting from jelly pong pong's site! I went with immortal and aurora.
First off these are super tiny pearls. They look like little micro beads on a necklace. You get more than you will likely ever need.
So these nifty little beads actually have a color on the outside and when you crush the pearl, there is a whole different color on the inside!
On the left you can see what aurora looks like crushed. It is a pretty aqua blue with a little shimmer. On the right is immortal crushed. It is a baby pink.
On the left is the outside of immortal which is a black with tons of chunky silver glitter and on the right is the outside of aurora which is a pale shimmery sky blue.
The highlighting of the outside color of immortal is very intense and is best used a base and not a highlighter. The inside color is nice to put on your cheeks or yours eyes. The color on the outside of aurora is kind of disappointing because you have to press heavily on the beads to get any even on your finger. however, the inside is a lovely color! All and all I think these were a great neat item to add to my beauty box!

Sugar Cosmetics Round the Clock EyeShadow Palette in Punch Out

So after the Muse brought to my attention that Sugar Cosmetics was 50% off on the Sephora site, I figured I would get some of the things that I wanted. So I purchased this palette because of the super bright colors. First off the colors are nice but the texture is very chalky and you CANNOT apply them with a eyeshadow brush because you will never get enough on and it almost makes you look sick. But when you use your finger or an eyeshadow sponge tip applicator that picks up more, it suddenly looks better.

A better view of the colors. Every other shadow has shimmer and the others are matte.
Here is what four of the colors looks like on my eye. 

Do you like this palette? Let me know!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Myths/Truths: Mineral Oil, Talc, and Parabens etc. How bad are they?

So this is going to be an interesting post. I have been training to become a cosmetic chemist and I have learned a lot of things!

1.) Myth: So everyone thinks mineral oil is the sign of a cheap bad product. 
Truth: It is cheap but it is one of the best oils out there because the size of the molecules will not clog yours pores! Things like the natural oils like Safflower and vegetable etc. are small enough that they can get in your pores!

2.) Myth: Talc is cheap and clogs pores: 
Truth: It is cheap but out of the powders out there, it is the least likely to clog pores

3.) Myth: Parabens are bad!
Truth: There have not been any studies that have stated that methylparabens are bad for you! The FDA would not allow it to be in the products if it were! There was one study of a very high molecular weight paraben (which has never been used in makeup) that was considered not to be safe. Its the marketers scamming you.

4.)Myth: Burt's Bees are the best healthiest products out there
Truth: Yes and No. Just because it is natural does not mean its good for you! There are several fats that are in cosmetics that are bad for you where as the synthetic ones are healthier! Also people say they want organic products but did those people ever think how that impacts on the environment? 

5.) Myth: If I can't pronounce or read what is on the label then it has to be pretty bad!
Truth: This is not true at all. All of the chemicals that go into makeup have been approved by the FDA for many many many years! Also a lot of the chemicals that are made are made in the likeness of things that our bodies actually have and make. For example, AHAs and HAs are the new thing in products but they were all synthetically made. Truth is we have these in our bodies! So what is the big deal? Nothing! A chemists view is to make something that will be a mimic to your skin, impart color, and provide added benefits

6.) Myth: Marketers control what comes out on the shelves.
Truth: YES this is very true. A chemist does not have much say. The marketers decide what people want, what to add, the packaging, and the labels. So ladies, if you want something to change speak up in forums and email the companies you like! They will listen!


Did you know that in the USA we only have 35 approved colors to use in cosmetics? The list in the early 1900's was up to 90+. The FDA has very tight regulations on products.

Did you know that in Japan, they are not allowed to have fragrance in lip products?

The USA, Japan, and UK all have different regulations with their cosmetics. This is why Lush's cosmetic line is not in the US yet. Because they have a lot of colors and dyes that are not approved of in the US.

Did you ever wonder why in the USA we do not have any powders or cosmetics that have UVA?UVB protection in them besides chapsticks? Thats because in the USA since the chemical that is used in these products for UVA UVB protection goes into mucous membranes and that it is considered a drug not a cosmetic. Where as in Korea it is not.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Canmake Multiproof Powder in 01 Shimmer Ochre

The case is an adorable pearl pink. The powder does not have a scent at all. I would prefer a scent. It has small purple iridescent particles in it that are supposed to counter act redness in skin. If you straight at the palette in the light you cannot see the purple particles. If you tilt the compact towards the light you can see them. But either way when you apply this powder you do not see any shimmer. It give a soft medium coverage and the color blends in easily with the skin. But to call this a shimmer powder would be a big negative because there is barely any shimmer in it. For pale skin like mine, this is a great color. It comes with a spongy like applicator. This was purchased from Overall it is a cheaper quality powder. To pay $14.50 with shipping in my opinion is high. The quality of this powder is like NYC in the USA. Also the pictures of the color on the website are completely off. But in the end I will keep it because I am really into powders lately =0)

Has anyone used this before? What are your thoughts?