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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SALES Part 2! B Never, Lush, Face Shop, Innisfree, Lioele, Red Earth, Sugar

More beauty items that need a home. I take paypal and all prices include shipping for the US. If it is outside of the US it might cost a little. Free samples or goodies with all purchases.

Sugar Glamzon Eye palette- 2x  $10 with shipping

B Never too Bust to Be Beautiful Shadow Box- I paid around $30 plus UK shipping GRRR.. 1x
Selling it for $ 15 with shipping
The Face Shop Span Compact in NB 21 3x. $9 with shipping
Red Earth Luxe Eyeshadow Quad Blue Riviera 1x. $ 15 with shipping
Innisfree Watery Care BB Cream (just tested) plus free Mini NEW Lioele BB Cream $15 with shipping SOLD
Sugar Electric Palette Just tested two colors $ 10 with shipping

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hey Ladies! I have a few things for sale. All items are either new or tested 1x. I will ship worldwide. If shipping outside of the country, please consider buying more than one item because I can ship all USA items from home but items outside of the country, I have to go to the post.

I only accept paypal

Feel free to haggle with the prices

Avon press on eyeshadows. One purple set was used. The blue set has not been touched and the purple set was used 1x. These sell for $9.0 each

Price: $4.0 each + SH $2.00
Isle of Eden Bath Frosting in Citrine 1x. Sells for $16
My Price: $6 + SH of $4.00

VICHY Lipidose Re-hydrating Body Lotion NEW Sells for $16.o
My price: $12 with SH

Pupa Eyeshadow Quad: 1x
My price: $ 13 with shipping
Kiehl's Centella Skin-Calming Cleanser 1x Sells for $28.50
My price: $15 with shipping

Kiehl's Anti-oxidant Skin Preserver. Sells for $60  SOLD TO A LUCKY LADY
My price: $25 with shipping

Kiehl's Lavender Hand and Body Lotion with Aloe and Oatmeal Sells for $30.50
My Price: $18 with shipping
Vov Castlewdew Gloss NEW
My price: $10 with shipping

Dr. Jart Blemish Base 1x   SOLD TO A LUCKY LADY
My price: $12 with shipping

Privacy Gloss NEW
My Price: $8 with shipping

Missha Style Mascara 1x
My Price: $7 with shipping

Majolica Majorca Hope My eyelashes Are Full and Thick New Just opened to look at
My price:  $12 with shipping

Missha Lucid Berry Lips 1x
My Price: $9 with shipping
Lush B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful
Lip Cream 1x on Hand: $10 with shipping
Eye Cream Orange: $9 with shipping 1x on hand
Eye Powder: $12 with shipping NEW
MASSIVE NYX LOT- All tested once on hand. Will only sell as full lot. Value worth $47
My Price: $28 with shipping

Pupa Diamond palette: 1x Gorgeous Palette with Velour cover and diamond outside
My price: $12 with shipping
There is no exp. date on this. I have had for about 8 months and used it 2x
My Price: $9 with shipping

Friday, May 22, 2009

Victoria Secret Pool Party Collection + Beauty Rush Goodies

Left to Right

Beauty Rush Pool Party Lip Butter in Frostea, Minty Lipshine in Citrusminty, Lipgloss in Tropicool, Minty Lipshine in Bubbleminty

I love the lip butters! They are thicker and less glossy than a lip gloss and not as shiny as the the lip shine. The lip shines are made with Peppermint oil and remind me of the orbit gums!

Beauty Rush Lip and Cheek Pop. This comes in three colors. I like the Peach and petal pink the best. The third color is a deeper pink. These are hard to get off on the cheeks. They are super matte.

They also have out new baked wet/dry eyeshadows. It comes in I believe around 12 colors.  I purchased jade-a-kissed since it looked the most different.
Left to right: Citrusminty, Tropicool, Peach pop, Petal Pop
Bottom: Jade-a-kissed
Left to right: Lip butter in Frostea, Bubbleminty, Citrusminty, Tropicool, Peach Pop
Bottom: Jade-a-kissed
I love the lip butters. They are not quite a butter but definitely not a gloss. They are a nice change for VS.  The wet/dry shadows feel just like every other baked dome shadow and the pay off is just as nice. Also I love the taste and smell of all the new glosses!

As for the pool party scents: I love the lemonita! It smells like a sugary, vanilla lemon! The frostea smells like a fake over sweet tea (yuck) and the coolita smells a lot like coconut. Too much coconut for me.

The pool party collections sports glosses, body mists with out oil, shimmer gels, lotions, and nail polishes! 

For a price of each of $7.00 or buy 7 for $25, you cannot go wrong ladies!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

B Never to Busy To Be Beautiful Makeup by Lush + Brushes from Makeup Show

The Lush Be Never to Busy to be Beautiful Makeup line honestly is crap! The fragrances and soaps are great just like Lush but the makeup line! OMG!!

Here two lipsticks I got. I like the "B" on them. They are metal pieces that can be removed but first off the one of the left was like this hard waxy lipstick that just was so dry. I am requesting a return in fact. The coral color on the right has so much dye that is stained my lips and hands and makeup remover did not even work!

The eyeshadow palette is beautiful to look at and the packaging is so detailed. The colors are next to impossible to get them to show up! I was scrubbing with a brush an applicator and they barely show up!
This is the box on the lip cream. Very pretty.
This is the lip cream. Did not show up on me and the smell of the rose hip oil is so strong!! ahhh!!
This product I love. It is a mint lip scrub. It is made with a natural strong mint. It is on the dry side but it does exfoliate well.
Here are the Lush Shadows
Top left is the lip cream, bottom left the coral lipstick, the middle the black/red lipstick
The bottom left is a liquid eyeliner that is really pretty but once again I cannot get it off! My eyes are still orange!!! Bottom right is the lip scrub.
All of the brushes did not cost more than $35!!! Including the roll!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Makeup Show NY- New Brands + Photos

Took me a while to load these!! How about you? Don't give up! It's worth it!

So my hubby and I went to the makeup show in NY yesterday! It was amazing! There were so many mainstream and pro exclusive lines! All you had to do was show an artist card and your license! The discount were phenomenal! I highly suggest going next year! It comes to NY once a year. There is also a Makeup Show in Las Vegas and a bunch of other prime locations!

The Balm Line

Yaby! One of the best lines there. These are actually palettes. The shadows are half the size of normal shadows. The palettes were around $75 a piece. The colors are not cheap. They are super pigmented and are great for an artist collection. You can also just buy single colors and the mini pans to press your own shadows. 
Young Blood Makeup
Me- Enjoying the show! I have my new Beauty Girl Mook by LeSportSac on!
Hubby and I went to our first Korean BBQ! Really neat! All we had to do was order to "meats" and each table has a little grill and they cook the meat on your table! When you order an dish, they give you like 10 sides! You get 5 different types of cabbage sides, macaroni salad, lettuce cups, sweet beans and two different types of sauce! The place was called Shilla and it is on Korean Way.
This company is called Naimie's and they distribute and house all these amazing brands!
Anyone ever heard of OCC? Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! Pigment type products that are really rich in color!

Senna Cosmetics
Stila of course was great! But I wish they had some of the Japan exclusive makeup there!
Kyrolan- A really neat line! Check it out! Every color imaginable is made here!
Kyrolan Foundations
Kyrolan Eyeshadows
The amazing brush station!
Old Makeup Show mags!
ICE FX. Its a glue that you put chunky glitter and stones on and it makes it look like you have ice stuck to you! Great for FX artists
Kyrolan again
Kyrolan day glo colors! Amazing!

Kyrolan Blushes- sale around $10
A neat multi use pigment that you can add a clear lip gloss to or a clear nail polish and make your own color makeup or use as an eyeshadow. They come in stacks of 8 which twist into each other or you can take them a part separately. Each stack was on sale for $15 each! 
Giselle blush
Wow! Love this picture! I am so blowing it up and putting it on my wall!

Naked Cosmetics
Auraline- A neat pro brand with really awesome choices in blush/eye colors. You can really find some amazing super matte colors that won't stain your fingers lol!
The brush company is really neat. 
They make the brushes right there in front of you. They actually measure out the bristles. They wrap the bristles in paper and slide the paper over the brush holder and some how they lock them in. Then they measure them again and trim!
Crown Brushes was one of the highlights of the day! They have over 500 brushes to pick from! They sell synthetic, real hair, etc! They are a distributor of brushes for almost everywhere! They probably sell to Sephora! They just print the labels on them.

They sold the brushes for over 80% off! If you ever ever need a brush this is the place to go! All types of handles! Wood, plastic etc! you name it! Women were going crazy. It took like 10 minutes to just get in line to see some of them!
Highly pigmented color that needs to be activated by alcohol. 

Well that was my day!

My favorite new brands: Yaby and Giselle.

Alcone is a neat store that was there as well that sells all cosmetic accessories like velour puffs, brush cleaner, and storage etc. Check out the site!

Last favorite- Crown Brush Company

I will soon be posting pictures of what I bought!