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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Man With Flowers Chocolate BB Cream + Beauty Credit Cream Blushes

Man with Flowers Chocolate BB Cream was not a great buy. First off it says chocolate but no where in the ingredients does even mention chocolate, cocoa, cocoa bean or even an extract of it! It also has not scent to my dismay. I was hoping that it would smell like chocolate. One good feature of it is that it contain Hyaluronic acid which is good for your skin when its comes to anti-aging. The color was a perfect match for my fair skin and it gave a good coverage. It is comparable to most bb creams on the market. 

Beauty Credit cream blushers. This one is OR202 well being. It gives a soft orange or if you use a lot an intense orange. For only $6 it was a great buy.
I also got it in pink! I was at a beauty store that I and my BF found in flushing NY!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Face Shop Gradient Highlighter an Matte T Zone Cream

    I love this item! It is better than the Etude house one in which it ends up all looking the same color. This actually looks like 4 different colors. It has intense pigmentation! Great for cheek, facial or eye highlighting! The brush of course is ok.
The face shop in NY was having a buy one get one sale. I got this item in which it is a mattifying cream. Actually it is more like a soft wax which is nice because it doesn't make you oiler. I hate the ones that have oil and that are cream based because I get more oily! But this one is great. The first best are the blotting films which remove oil and you do not have to put any product on your face.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Face Shop Flower Mousse Foundation and the Flower Shimmer Finish Pact Pink

I love this mousse foundation #21. The compact is really cute and it gives a nice soft powder medium coverage. You do not get a lot if you want full coverage.

The shimmer finish pact  is so lovely to look at! It is a little tricky to open. It is a pink/purple iridescent pack. 
When you open it there is a first level that has a snap in design to hold the brush. It is a descent brush but I would think that this would have had a poof because it is not overly shimmer that it couldn't be used a face powder rather than highlighter.
The pack itself has about 50% shimmer to it and it is a pink iridescent color. It is very nice and it gives a lovely sweet look! There is no fragrance to this. It also has a mirror.

Cosmehanskin Glossy Magic MM Cream

I love this BB cream! Look at the sheen on my hand! It actually won an award in Korea in 2007! It does not give great coverage more like a mild coverage but it produces this perfect sheen that is not like a glitter shimmer. Rather a silver-ish sheen! I paid $30 for it. It also aids in whitening! It is a smaller BB size tube than something like the Missha creams. About half the size. I prefer to mix this glossy BB with a regular BB for coverage or I use it as a boomer and I put it on top of a regular BB cream.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lush B Line to the US?? Be never to busy to be beautiful line!

Hey gals!

    I spoke to an insider at LUSH this morning. She said it is definitely in the works that we are going to be getting the B line in the next 1-2 years in the US! The only reason why we have not got it yet is that the FD+C colors that are used in the eyeshadows etc in the UK are not allowed in the US. Also, one of their suppliers now tests on animals so they are searching for new suppliers! 

BB Creams Coming to the USA???

Hey guys! I got some really great information! I am studying to be a cosmetic chemist. They are they people that make all of our beauty products that we love so much! Well I was talking to a new friend I have made at L'oreal who works in the foundation department. Anyway I was telling her how I love BB Creams. She was like how do you know of these? She said at L'oreal, who owns lancome, shu uemura, body shop, Maybelline etc, that they just had a meeting 6 months ago about BB creams. Someone came over from Asia to educate them on it and guess what the best news was? They are going to start making them and releasing them over hear in the next year. There only concern is that the public does not know of them over here! So weed to educate and build up hype for them! So we have to pass on this blog and promote BB creams on and where ever else! Why? Well did you know that the cosmetic chemists make fake screen names and go on these sites for ideas and also to see what women want? WELL LETS START SOME COMMOTION FOR BB CREAMS LADIES!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MIssha M Mascara 4 line brush and Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara

The Missha M Mascara 4 Line brush was not a great buy. It was $22.  First off the 4 lines of brushes are a very hard plastic and it has all those synthetic fibers. Surprisingly the fibers do not fall out during the day like some other fiber mascaras. But it did not give a full look nor even a partial look. I had to really apply it for a long time to get anything. The package is pretty but thats it!

I love the Vivid Impact mascaras by Max Factor! These are great! They actually do come out very close to the colors on the tubes! I have the brown carat and the pink/blue 910. 
If you look at the picture below you can see that I have the mascara on with the highlighting coat on the bottom! I am sure to buy more of these! THe base color brush is one of those rubbery prickly brushes which was not my fave but it still gave a full look! Go max factor!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LOVE Clover Popchu Gloss! Yummy!

Love clover has a new gloss called POPCHU! It has collagen, royal jelly to give plump lips! It has a plastic spatula for the applicator. The shades are above!

Urban Decay Items! Sustainable, Lipstick Cap, Stone ring, Book of Shadows

Check out the new items by Urban Decay

Book of Shadows Palette! I cant wait for this! I think I likeee! It has 8 shadows that are not out plus another great favorite 8! brushes and primer potion! Wowee! A 3D mirror!

Sustainable eyeshadow box! 10 shades in an eco-friendly box!
A Peridot like stone with three lovely colors!
For their new lipstick line they make this crazy cap! Its not cheap but it is definitely the most flashy lipstick case I have seen!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I was just on the face shop site, which is a korean beauty store like Missha, and they now carry over 40 items by the face shop on WALGREENS! Walgreens is like a drugstore if you did not know!

They carry sheet masks, creams, toners etc. You can only get it online but how cool is that?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

MISSHA FALL 08 M Dot Collection and Style / Face Shop Cushion Blusher

So I got a lot of the New Missha Collection! I love the M Dot blending eyeshadows! Below is the Violet color! It gives a medium to light purple color! Its a great texture and suitable on almost skin tones.

M Dot Blending Pressed Powder! Look at this case! Lovely with a little diamond chip in the center!
Missha M Dot Blending Pressed Powder! I love love love this! I think Lotus Palace might like this! It gives a soft white/pink color! It has a little screen that opens too! It gives a nice soft medium coverage! 
More Missha Style Shadows! These are only three a piece and for my skin tone these are perfect! They are all shimmery and give the perfect amount of pigment for daily usage. They are not heavily concentrated.
More missha lucid berry lips. The red one on the left is better than I thought. It is actually a clear red gloss with red/orange microglitter! I didnt think I would like it but I love it! On the right is the hot pink color with silver microshimmer! The lucid berry lips outside of the Dia gloss are my favorite missha items right now!
This was for free. It is the Face shop Cushion blusher. It is pretty pigmented and it feels literally like a cushion when you touch it! It is so bouncy! Somehow! This is a soft brighter pink!
MIssha M Vita BB cream! It has 7 different yummy vitamins for your skin. it is just like the regular missha bb cream. So I hope it does something different to my skin lol!
Missha Crystal shine rouge. A waste of money. It looks pretty in the tube and it has "The style" printed on the lipstick just like Urban decay's new print on lipstick thing. It gave no color! None of the colors showed up! It was very moisturizing but no color!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NEW Product Launches by Banilco,LUSH, Etude House, Urban Decay

I wanna try the new Face Powder!

Etude House

I know this already came out in the UK but we just got it here! Well its not in stores yet but it was online yesterday so I ordered myself both! Cant wait to try these babies!
Urban Decay train cases! There are only like 150 being made of each! Grab them while you can! I like the Pandora box train case! haul- MM, Sasa, Cosline, Suki, Noble Sensations, Cameleon

So I ordered these Shape Ups. They were $8 and they are not what I expected. I thought they were going to be like soft band aids but they are pink cellophane wraps. I am not sure how to use them lol. I think you can just put them on and it blocks your skin from breathing.

I also got for free this nifty little nail kit by sasa!

Since I am really getting into the powder masks, I thought I try one of each of the Cosline brand. It says you can add water or milk. Sounds yummy lol One pack was only a few dollars and I will likely get like 10 masks out of 1 pack!
I love the Sasa Lovely eyeshadows so much! They are around $5.0 each and they are very metallic and have a strong color for the price. In one of my previous blogs I mentioned how the YL yellow looked just like SHU me yellow330! The payoff is grand for the small price tag!

I also got the Suki palettes which were onl $3.00 each and I really like them actually because they are very powdery and have a pastel finish. The main ingredient is talc which is a sign of a cheap shadow but these are actually pretty good! All of them have a little shimmer to boot!

I also got two lip duos by Sasa but I am not happy with the colors I selected because they are not pigmented! They are pretty sheer and these were around $8 each. =(

Good Ole' Majolica Majorca to the rescue! I am still in love with the majolook palettes. I got GR744 on the left which gives a nice pastel finish and reminds me of easter! However, it comes with a deep black creme liner that just does not match! The palette on the right is PK740. I purchased this one because I my BF got me BR742 and when looking at it online I was like Eww but when I got it I loved it! Well this palette was the opposite for me! I loved it online but was not impressed in person. The blue is pretty because it is iridescent.

I also purchased to Suki lipsticks. I love love love the packaging! But the colors as cute as they look go on super sheer! They are one of the most moisturizing lipsticks out there! They remind of the Shu uemura lollishine line. One application actually wears down the lipstick more than usual.
This little flower bag was free from sasa!
I love this Cameleon Blush palette! I got the eyeshadow palette in which I posted on earlier. But this palette has 12 really nice matte to soft shimmer colors! It is really great if you are an artist! It was only $8.0. I hope they come out with more palettes.
The last thing I got I have already posted on. The noble essence masks! I have only tried the Germanium mask but as I said earlier my skin felt like a baby's bottom! Love this stuff!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Majolica Majorca Majolook RS354, Etude House Color Me Nude/ Missha Eye Change/ Missha The Style Glitter Liner/ Missha M Blusher

I love this MM palette. Pinks are hard to pull off on pale skin. The intense and medium pink have a blue iridescence and the cream at the top is really pigmented and really helps hold down the shadow. The colors can be seen on my hand. in person they are really intense!

The Missha Style glitter line is really pretty but can harden and then fall off in flakes =( 

I love the color me nude lip concealer by Etude House peach. It does not smell at all which was a disappointment. But it gives that base for lipstick and even looks kinda cool just wearing it alone. It gives that bare shu uemura look!

Missha Magic Eye Change. I thought this was supposed to help make shadows more intense and stay on better but I cant really figure out what the purpose of this is lol. Any suggestions?

Lastly is the Missha M blusher in Heidi. It gives a soft pink shimmer glow! It is really nice but it takes a lot to show even a little color. 

This is the new missha style eyeshadow holder. I think its really nice! I wish that had ones that would just hold the minis because I have more minis than the metallic ones!


I really want the pressed powder and two of the shadows! I also want to try the berry blusher and mineral ball powder!