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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color Part 2

I'm wearing the Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in Dawn Rose over the whole eyelid and then I added a gray creme shadow over the Jelly Eye Color on the bottom. It has a good staying powder and it dries and hardens on your eyes. I like that when the eyeshadow dries that the shimmer looks chunky.
I'm also wearing Rimmel Glam Trick Eyes Mascara in Black.
Jelly Eye Color in Mist Mauve.
Mist Mauve on my hand.
Dawn Rose Jelly Eye Color.
Dawn Rose on hand.
I paid $30.0 each for these with shipping. That is very high for me but I really like these a lot. I should be getting some more for Christmas.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

VOV Color Song Eyeliner

The Aqua Blue color by Vov Color Song is very vibrant and it is a duplicate to the Bourjois Metallic Liner in Bleu Cliquant.  I paid $6 for this liner and the Bourjois liner was $12.50.  I bet these are made on the same manufacture line because that is how similar they are!

The liner is very smooth and works great even as an eyeshadow. Watch out girls this color pops!

Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeshadow

I got a good deal on the Kate Gel Eyeshadows! I paid $10 with shipping on

I purchased WH-1 and GY-1

Below is WH-1. I love these eyeshadows for several reasons. I love the jelly texture. It is not like a cream shadow or squeeze tube gel. Rather it is like Jello! It wiggles and shimmers! I like it! Obviously the only downfall is that these could dry out. I am keeping mine in the boxes with tape around them to prevent them from drying out. 

A gentle touch gives a good amount and these have a very good staying power. As much as I love the Jill Stuart Jelly eyes, this gel eyeshadow does not leave shimmer under your eyes hours later.
This is a swatch of the WH-1 color. It is very vibrant! I also used it as a highlighter!

Below is GY-1
It is a deep gray with a brownish tone. From what I can tell, all of the gel eyeshadows have a silver shimmer in them. Either way, these gel eyeshadows are my new favorite thing! We do not have any gel eyeshadows over here in the US! If you are like me, a makeup junkie, I suggest adding a gel eyeshadow to your collection! 

Visee Jewel Crush Eyes

I highly recommend the Jewel Crush Eyes by Visee. Mine was purchased on for $20.0. The color shown is E-5. It is a mix of mauves and beiges. For someone who is pale like me, generally mauves/reds make me look sickly but this palette made it work!

I have all 4 colors on my eye plus the Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara. I followed the directions on the box and but the lightest color on the top and the inner corner of my eyes.  The white/ivory color is my favorite because the glitter pieces are a bigger size than normal.
At the base line of my eye, I used the darkest color and then mixed the two mauves in the center. 
A very simple palette for a very pretty sophisticated look for day time or night time.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lavshuca Summer Gradually Palette

This is a pretty gold metal compact. It actually looks smaller than it is. The metal design is pressed into the metal.
It looks like some shimmer is removed after one swap but it really is not. The color is just slightly different underneath. The colors are the same consistency as their other palettes.  Their is a good amount of shimmer and pigment but more shimmer.
The colors are swiped below. The top row of colors are the right side of the palette and the bottom row is the left side of the palette. I am disappointed with the color at the far right side of the palette. It is a very matte neutral beige with no shimmer. It barely shows up. Otherwise I am moderately happy with the palette. I would not suggest running out and buying the palette because I paid $25 for it and its not amazing.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! A Funny Cosmetic Cartoon!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vov CastleDew Oversetting Gloss

After seeing Lotus Palace have these. I thought I would try one. This is my first one and I love it so I ordered like 6 more!

There are so many things to like about the Vov Castledew Oversetting Gloss. The sweet scent, non sticky texture, the big pretty tube and my favorite the brush. It is a triangular shaped brush with a hole in the center and extra gloss resides there. It stays on for a descent amount of time. 

I purchased mine for $7.00 on Gmarket.

The Color on my hand is #27  .  It looks great alone or on top off a gloss. It is super sparkly  and the light catches it in every direction. 

The Castledew Gloss comes in about 30 colors. Several are colored gloss with no shimmer, several with color and shimmer, and lastly the clear sparkly oversetting colors.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mac Hello Kitty Collection Update with Pictures!

The collection will be 2 part. There will be the Hello Kitty Color Collection and the high end Hello Kitty Kouture Collection.

Items will be limited to, Nordstrom's and Mac Stores.

I can't wait for February!

I want almost the whole collection! I love the black and pink colors!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Body Shop Sparkle Eye Palette

I just adore the new body shop Fall 08 collection! I bought the Sparkle eye palette number 02 on ebay. If L'oreal helped make this line, then its a great improvement! The most recent collections with the two blushes were horrible and they did not blend well at all.

I love the sparkly package and the cute gem stone that holds it shut. It has a little rope that goes around the stone.
It has a very nice big mirror and it has a drawer underneath that has a double ended brush. Whats also neat is that the drawer is actually bigger than the brush so you can stick another brush or an applicator in there as well.

As you can tell I have not even tried it yet! Well just for my readers, I am going to swatch it now!
Wow the colors are gorgeous! They are heavily pigmented! I might have swatched too much! The first three colors I adore. The last two colors are dark for me, but if I use them sparingly I am sure I can make a soft smokey eye!

The first color is a pinkish white shimmer, then a rosy pink shimmer, then an intense silver shimmer, then a deep intense gray/black shimmer and lastly a dark navy shimmer!

This palette goes for $25 and its not too high and not too low (but too low is never bad). I have seen them on ebay for half the price! I highly suggest picking up this lovely palette or wait until after christmas because the palette will likely be 50% off.

There is also a tropical version of this palette with green, gold, and yellow. I will soon be getting it! 

Lioele BB Cream

I learned of this neat brand through Lotus Palace's Blog and Gmarket. I have been having a problem with all of my skin79 BB creams. Everyone that I use, I end up within hours getting 2 very painful pimples. Any other brand of BB Cream does not do this to me. So sadly 3 of my BB Creams have to go. The good side of it is that I get to explore different brands of BB Creams which leads my to Lioele. 

I love the cute carriage design on it and I also love the colors! I have a small 10ml tube that I bought. I figured let me try this first before I dive in and buy a lot. Just because I do not want any other reactions.

This is a swatch of the color on my hand. It is darker than me but it does blend in quite well. It is not to thick and not to thin for a BB cream. It blends in with ease and with a powder on top of it, its Perfect!
This is what is looks like rubbed in. You can see that it is a shader darker than my skin but it did not look weird when I put it on my face. I have worn it today for 8 hours and so far no reaction. Also I did not have to apply any touch ups. I think it is a pretty good BB cream. Also there is practically no scent.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Max Factor MAXalicious Lipgloss

The color is NICE 140 Falling in love. This color is great because it is a light hot pink color with a purple iridescent glow. It smells so yummy. I paid around $6.50 for it. 
The purple tint can be seen in any light. It also offers moisturization and it is not super sticky. Like most lip glosses, it stays on for about 30 mins before reapplication but for a cheap $5 thrill its worth it! 

Sephora Lash Plumper Mascara

I love this mascara! It makes my lashes look full and natural! The formula is a little wet so you have to wait to apply the second coat. The tube also has a good amount of mascara in it.
The brush is a full size brush. It is a pretty big brush. Similar to the Urban Decay Big Fatty and Too Faced Lash Injection. Not quite as big as the previously mentioned but close. There are no synthetic fibers in the mascara and it does not have a weird smell like the Too Faced Last Injection. 
This is after two applications of the mascara. I think my lashes look great! It does not overextend them that they look fake and start to bend. It really is a great mascara. Its worth giving it a shot! Sephora makes tons of products that copycat all the great brands that we love for a more affordable price.  

Etude House Nail Polish

On the left, PK008 and on right PP903. I paid $1.50 for each on Gmarket. I love the pink because it has a purple iridescent behind the pink. I like the pastel purple because its Matte but it looks different than most nail polishes. With a top coat and base coat, the polish lasts for at least three days without a chip. Not bad not bad =)

PK008 on my nails above
PP903 on my toes above!

Etude House Vital Firm Super Fruits Line!

Yeah a new line to try! It comes in a lotion, super cream, lotion, massage serum, and essence! It contains several fruit extracts!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

I just love the colors of the packaging of this mascara. I also like how the brush holder has little hatchings in it so that there is more grip when you hold it.  I bought this for around $5.0 because I had a coupon. It also came with a free Kohl Black Eyeliner.

The brush is one of the brushes that has the plastic rather than wire bristles. It has two plastic rows to each side. The formula is pretty good. It does not have a bad smell.

This is the mascara applied to my eyes after two applications. They look very full. However, it offers such a great job is lash extension that at the end of the lashes where there is not mascara just the fake lashes, they start to curve and bend rather than stay straight. As you can tell the mascara is almost touching my eyebrows! Well this is a great mascara for lash extension!

Etude House Peach Tint Blusher

After buying the pink color number 3, I decided to try the Peach color. Just as the pink one, it has a nice cooling effect when applied. It also makes your cheeks look glowy, dewy, and just pinched! It lasts for about 2 hrs before reapplication is needed.
The is the color blended in on my hand. I paid around $5.0 on gmarket. These remind me of the Tarte cheek stains but they obviously do not have the same staying power. Lastly, the blusher has a nice peach smell!

Etude House Baby Skin Veiling Pact

So I purchased this lovely little face powder for $6.50 on Gmarket. It is made with real baby powder and it is moisturizing. Also, it has an SPF of 22 
The design impressed in the powder is very pretty. It disappears in one use. Also, the smell is lovely. It is a light baby powder scent. It is not overpowering like other Asian face powders.

One the left is a swatch of the powder and on the right the powder is blended in. Once blended in, it looks very natural. I recommend this powder for the price and for the effect!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kanebo Coffret D'or Prismal Blush

I purchased the Kanebo Coffret D'or Prismal Blush in White 05. It is not really a blush. It is a highlighter. I am not impressed with in. The package and the pouf applicator are soft and nice but the shimmer blush is nothing to write home about. Maybe the other colors are a good blush but this is best off used as a highlighter. Even as a highlighter I am not impressed because I can find several similar to it for a lot less money