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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Etude Cookie Blusher / Laneige Snow Crystal/ Awake Stardom / Missha Style/ Majolica Majorca Majolook Haul

Etude House Cookie Blushers. Top is #4, middle #3, and bottom #5.  I love these blushes and they look great on light skin like mine! The #4 is a nude and it takes a few swipes to get some color but it is a real nice nude color. The middle one gives and orangy peachy glow and the the bottom one is a soft mauve pink. The little powder poofs really pick up a lot of color. Very happy with these!
I got the Majolica Majorca Majolook palette BR742. The colors can be seen on the picture below on my eye. All of the colors are soft pigments and bright! The colors also can be seen on the top row of my hand.

The palette on the right is Laneige The Secret of Snow Crystal Snow Bloom Eye Palette. The swipes of the color are on the top second row of my hand. I have to learn to take better pics like Musings of a Muse! But I really love this palette. It looks so nice and gentle on me. The colors are soft and very pigmented. The green is an awesome iridescent green and the brown is a mocha shimmer and the yellow is a soft pale yellow shimmer. The peach is really my favorite because I do not have a color like this. It is more matte with intense pigment!
Awake Stardom Eye Gloss in 02 Topaz. I believe this product has changed in formulation since I bought mine. I love this color because its has like 4 different size glitters in it. So it creates a really cool chunky but smooth effect. It is a gold, silver, and copper glitter. Bottom row 1st on left.

Awake Stardom liquid eye color in 06 Cherry pink. This stuff is really nice. You have to shake it just like cargo's liquid eye color because it is water based. It is a pink iridescent color. The only downfall is that it takes a few minutes to dry but it is worth the wait and it does not crease! Go Awake!
The last newby is the Missha Style stick eyes in GL01. It is a cream shadow stick that contains chunky silver glitter. All of the style sticks have silver glitter it seems.  It gives a lot of color but does crease a little.  It is the color in the middle on the bottom row.