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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Laneige Snow Magic Blusher/ Face Shop Baked Trio/ Missha Style Shadows and Lucid Berry Lips/ Skinfood Foundation/

So I got a face shop cream shadow and I was pretty impressed. The quality and color are great. It does not crease and there is a strong shimmer. The color I chose was ok because I have several similar. The color is on the middle of my hand on left center.

I like the Face Shop Baked Trios. They are cute and compact. They all come with a great little mirror. However, the applicator is horrible because the angle of the brush is hard to use with the palette. But the colors are great! I got the gray palette so I could do a smokey effect and the pastels because they look great on my pale skin. Top right of my hand is the pastel palette and the bottom right is the gray palette. Im working on adding words to the pictures lol

The next little shadow is from the missha style line. It was only $3.0. They just came out with the missha style shadow holders. They can hold 8 shadows or two. They have a really nice pink pearl case. Anyway this little shadow gives a soft orangy shimmer. I love it for the price. It is real powdery and some people do not like this but I do. The color is by my thumb on the bottom right.

All my free samples! I tried the Face Shop hydro BB cream and I love it! It has a fluffy marshmallow like texture. I also got a free bottle of the Beach Spray by Missha
The best item I got here is the Laneige Snow Magic Blusher.  I know lotus palace was not impressed with this but I beg to differ. The top colors are just light colored highlighters which I put all around my eyes to make them pop and I put it above my blush. It gives a soft effect. 

The blush colors on the second level are great. You can have three different colors or use the soft pink in the center to make pink or orange blush into a baby pink or peach! The colors can be seen on my hand below.

The brush it comes with suits the purpose but I still like a big brush better

Also the case it comes in is really sturdy. It does not have a flimsy hindge like I thought it was going to have. I also love the little snow flake!

Skinfood Fresh White grape foundation. I bought this because I had a sample of it. It smells really nice and it is not thick or heavy. It is a light wear medium cover foundation.  The color is on my hand. It blends well into light skin. They have a few shades to pick from. This is shade 23. 
It has a date on the bottom for the manufacture date but I swear it is an expiration date.  I was told by the seller that it is a manufacture date but why would you put that? You would only put that if it is important to note because it COULD EXPIRE. Right?
Lastly are the Missha Lucid Berry lips. I do not know why I like these so much! I have almost all of them now.  The colors on my hand are in order of the lipsticks. The one on the left gives a sheer orangy glow, the middle is a beige shimmer with a pink iridescent, and the one on the right gives a soft pink. The last one is ok but it is too close to my nautral lip color. These smell great and are not sticky.


Kathi said...

these are indeed the manufacturing dates. It seems to be the standard in Korean cosmetics to print the manufacture date instead of the expiry date on their cosmetics