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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Etude Cookie Blusher / Laneige Snow Crystal/ Awake Stardom / Missha Style/ Majolica Majorca Majolook Haul

Etude House Cookie Blushers. Top is #4, middle #3, and bottom #5.  I love these blushes and they look great on light skin like mine! The #4 is a nude and it takes a few swipes to get some color but it is a real nice nude color. The middle one gives and orangy peachy glow and the the bottom one is a soft mauve pink. The little powder poofs really pick up a lot of color. Very happy with these!
I got the Majolica Majorca Majolook palette BR742. The colors can be seen on the picture below on my eye. All of the colors are soft pigments and bright! The colors also can be seen on the top row of my hand.

The palette on the right is Laneige The Secret of Snow Crystal Snow Bloom Eye Palette. The swipes of the color are on the top second row of my hand. I have to learn to take better pics like Musings of a Muse! But I really love this palette. It looks so nice and gentle on me. The colors are soft and very pigmented. The green is an awesome iridescent green and the brown is a mocha shimmer and the yellow is a soft pale yellow shimmer. The peach is really my favorite because I do not have a color like this. It is more matte with intense pigment!
Awake Stardom Eye Gloss in 02 Topaz. I believe this product has changed in formulation since I bought mine. I love this color because its has like 4 different size glitters in it. So it creates a really cool chunky but smooth effect. It is a gold, silver, and copper glitter. Bottom row 1st on left.

Awake Stardom liquid eye color in 06 Cherry pink. This stuff is really nice. You have to shake it just like cargo's liquid eye color because it is water based. It is a pink iridescent color. The only downfall is that it takes a few minutes to dry but it is worth the wait and it does not crease! Go Awake!
The last newby is the Missha Style stick eyes in GL01. It is a cream shadow stick that contains chunky silver glitter. All of the style sticks have silver glitter it seems.  It gives a lot of color but does crease a little.  It is the color in the middle on the bottom row.

Etude House/ Missha/ Banilco Haul

Etude House BB Magic Balm. I love the idea of this stuff! I also love the foundation brush that it comes with! It is probably the darkest color I have ever seen come out of asia! It is the color on the left of my hand. It is not the easiest to spread and does not offer great coverage but it is comfortable to wear on a sunny day.

The Etude house BB magic pact I love! When you open it you get a huge whiff of flowers! It also offers great coverage for  a powder. The color is on the right of my hand. Cute packaging as well!

The first lip gloss on the left is by Missha. It is the Lucid berry lips line. It smells so good! This is one of my favorite colors! It is called VL01. Its the color on the bottom row left side on my hand. It is really a different color. It is a lilac purple with blue glitter!

The next color is also by missha and it is called the M luminous Dia gloss. I have like 5 of these. I love the colors!It is the color on the bottom right at end of row.  You also get a good amount in one pump and the packaging is nice and sleek

The next gloss is another missha Lucid berry gloss color PK03 and it is on the top 1st one on the left. It is sheer but with a pinkish orangy glitter!

The next items is also buy Missha. It is the Luminious color Lipgloss WN02. It is a deep plum red with gold and red glitter. Really pretty in the tube but I look like a vampire in it! Its the 2nd on the left top row.

The next gloss I love too! It is the Banilaco Kiss Holic 01 Heaven in Red 01. It is the fourth on the top right. It has several shades to it! When you move it changes colors. It is one of those holographic glosses!

The last gloss is by Missha and it is the M luminous Color gloss in PK09. It is a bright pink with blue and silver glitter. It is the third color from the top right.

The last item is the Missha style cream shadow in the top left corner. The diamond shaped packaging is so cute. Also these cream shadows do not crease and they have a lot of silicone in them so they are really smooth and soft. It is the color in the middle on the bottom row. It is Violet.
This is the Missha procure 365 hair mist in fruity! It does not smell fruity rather it smells like a strong floral smell. Either way it makes my hair smell nice for hours! Its great after I shower when my hair is wet too because when its dries it smells so good! I only paid $9.0
The swatch on the left of my hand is the missha oven blusher! It is really nice! It is great for a thick highlighter/shadow or you can use the brush to give a soft shimmer to the face. It is a mix of whites and dark/light pinks.

The swatch on the right of my hand is hard to see but it is the Missha show powder blusher in Tyra.  It is an orange color but it does not show up strong rather it gives a light hint of a peach color.

The next item is the Etude House Face fix mist. They claim the herbal extracts help set the makeup but in the end it is just a regular face mist. The smell is ok. It wasnt a great buy.

The next item is the O2 white spot. I like the etude house 02 white line but I was hoping that this 02 white spot product would be more like a serum but rather it was just like the 02 white lotion. Also one pump gives more than just a "spot" worth. But the product does contain arbutrin which is a well known skin whitening agent in the cosmetic industry and I know as a cosmetic chemist that is does work!
The last thing I wanted to talk about what the Missha BB creams. Honestly I have tried several BB creams and the Missha line is still my favorite! I like them better than Loetree and Etude House etc. 

The color on the top of my hand is the missha BB Boomer! This is an awesome product that you can wear alone or put it on top of your BB cream and it gives you an iridescent pink glow!

The next color on my hand is the Missha shiny. It is really super glittery! I love it and the glitter covers your skin so evenly that it looks like you really have glittery skin. Ohh and the finish of this product is perfect for me. It gives me a soft powdery look and it is easily spreadable!

The next one down on my hand is the Missha Watery. This balm it the thinnest of all of them and provides the least coverage but it is great for a super hot day. It is literally like 50% water. Sometimes the water separates a little and you just have to shake it to get it back to its form.

The very last balm on my hand is the Missha regular BB cream. It is thick and heavy and gives super great coverage! It is great if you are doing a photoshoot and want every blemish covered!

I have the Missha Perfect coverage that I have talked about before and I was not impressed for the price, quantity or hype of the product.

Has any tried the Missha BB gold? 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Etude House Gmarket Haul

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Missha Piano Shadow + Makenon Eyeshadow Duo

I love the Missha Piano Shadows. The one on the left is Satin Pastel and the one on the right is Modern City . The Satin Pastels are beautiful! They look so lovely on pale skin for once! The one on the right is fun for trying various smoky eyes. I paid $28 each with ebay. The only downfall to these palettes is that they break easily!

You know what is weird? The three palettes below them are by a company called Milani which is a drug store brand in the USA. They are called Runway Eyes and they are the exact same consistency and break just as easily. It is really weird I think they are the same thing just with a different label! Well if you cant afford the missha ones try these. They come in like 10 different colors and are only $7.00.

This small Duo is by a company called Makenon that is made in Korea. I decided to go to China Town in Philadelphia, Pa to see if they carry any asian brand makeup. I found this little duo and bough it for $8.0. There is a shiny bright heavy light green and a metallic orange color. They also have Shiesido. The women there were like "You are so beautiful! You look like the girls on Tv and Books!" I was blushing but even better was when I said do you have any samples the girl goes. " Since you are beautiful we give you big gift!" They gave me a Shiesido GWP with a huge mirror, mini lipstick and a Sunscreen makeup base.





Thursday, August 21, 2008

NEW Sasa.Com Haul- Clio, Mikanchan, Suki, Pupa, Sasa

Hey guys~
Happy post/parcel days are here for me today!

I got 5 pupa luminys. They are those baked kind of shadows. I just love the pupa ones because they are very shiny, pigmented and metallic. I ordered  #8,9,10,11 and 12. The colors are on my hand below. They are the really shimmery ones.

I also ordered the Mikanchan Apple Hand cream and the Peach hand cream and peach lip balm.
The containers are so cute! There is not much in the hand creams. Literally like 2 oz! But they do smell lightly like real fruits and they feel very nice! Not oily more like a silcone based.  The lip balm is very oily like and super shinnnnyyy!!

The suki crystal loose powder on the left is so cute! I love the containers and it was so cheap! I chose the green color and it gives me a lighter complexion and helps hid my red spots. There is no shimmer in it. 
In the middle is the Clio Art Blusher in peach. It is on my hand between the red and black shadow. It is a very very shimmer orangy peach. Almost too much shimmer but if you use the brush given it gives a soft orangy glow.
The pupa luminys blush in 2 is on the far right of my hand. It is not as shimmery as the Clio but is does give a lighter peach glow.It is ok not as happy with it.
There is also a Sasa lovely shadow in NYL003. OMG this color is just like the shu uemura Yellow 330 for a quarter of the price! It is on the bottom of my hand by the wrist. The lovely shadows are really metallic and there are only $5.50 and they are very soft like Shu shadows!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bliss Spa 20 in 1 wonder balm! incredible!

This awesome product is brought to you by bliss spas! This wonder balm can be used to treat: unruly eyebrows, flyaways, mosquitos bites, dry skin, chapped lips, soothe sunburn, sooth with burn, post waxing, heals blisters cuticle spilt ends etc!

You ask yourself how is this possible? Well it contains tea tree oil for soothing irritation, an anti-irritant compley, mango butter for moisturizization and vitamin E oohh tocopherols (any science geeks here? hehe), and nut oils for more moisturization and vitamins! This is $18 and a great buy! 

Bliss also offers an amazing product called fat girl slim and I am telling you I saw a difference in my skin! Lots of vitamins, antioxidants and caffine! 

My other favorite bliss product is the youth as we know it! It is like the balm because it combats several problems from wrinkles, to fine lines, liver spots, aging, loose skin, dryness etc! Another wonderful product!


A small beauty store near me was having a 15-30% sale on Shu uemura! Thats hard to find. So I stocked up some of my favorite blushes. I love shu uemura blushes! They are probably some of my favorite blushes out there because they have a wide range of colors that include gold and even purple! They also are very pigmented in which I like.

The first glow on blush I got was a tester because it was discontined but it is a deeper purple with Blue iridescence! That is a really neat combo. P Purple B9

The next blush was from the fall collection I believe Stoik Pink. Its really nice because it is very matt so it gives that cute asian doll look!

The next blush is more like a highlighter. It is a white with a pink iridescence. Its really neat!

The last blush is also a highter but it is white with silver microglitter. P Silver 91

I have them tested on my hands below but the lighter does not do these blushes justice! Oh what a world!

I also got a shu eyeshadow called IR Beige 800.  Its the eyeshadow on my hand on the top left! Its crazy looking huh? It is a massive gold intense iridescence. 
Since I know the women kinda well at the store, they threw in some old testers of a lipstick artistic color in YL900 and OR 800. I believe these are dicontinued. They work great with glossy lipsticks because they change the hue. 
I also got a bunch of dermatologica samples. I used to use one of their cleansers. They are a pretty good line. But then I again I never have the patience to use a product for weeks to see usually small results. 

One of the best masks ever! Noble Sensations!

This mask is one of my new favs! It is only $1.30 from and you get 3-4 masks out of it! It is a different type of mask. It is not a class mask or cream (yougurt) mask. It is a powder mask that has a base on cornstarch. Often masks in the US leave your skin dry but clean which is good if you have oily skin like me and the ususal face sheets leave your skin overly moisturized. Well this mask is in between. My face felt very clean and get this....AS SOFT AS A BABY'S BOTTOM! When I woke up this morning, my face was not oily like it usually is! It comes in 4 different types, Germanium/ Pearl, Rose, Germanium, and a fruit based one! You just add water to the powder and it dries to your face and comes off easily with some rubbing. It reminds me of the crust that forms around the bowl when you are baking a cake! This was really a great buy!



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Makeup Storage/ Organizers!

I use the carts that are often used for Paper storage or crafts. I have a slim lined 14 drawer cart in which I label each drawer differently like Pink Glosses blue eyeshadows etc. The wheels sometimes buckle a little but even with the wheels off its great for storage. On mine I can take out the drawers and they have little lids and snaps on them so I can take them anywhere!
This is an example of one from Target. $29.99. In this picture these drawers do not come out but if you look on the internet for paper storage you should find one that looks like this!

Can Custom Purchase US products for Japanese/ Asian Products

Hey Ladies!

    I just wanted to say that I can custom purchase products that are only available in the US at the exact price it is here if you can purchase brands for me that I dont have over here for the exact price. Email me at or leave me a post!


Over here we have brands like:

Dior, Shu Uemura, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Lancome, LUSH, MAC, DuWop, Benefit, Cargo , Bourjois, Maybelline, Loreal, Bonne Bell, Clinique, Chanel, DDF, Demeter Fragrance Library, Ulta, Lola, Fresh, Fusion, Hard Candy, Lorac, Nars, Makeup Forever, Philosophy, Pop Beauty, Sephora, Sugar, Stila , Smashbox, The Balm, Tarte, Almay, NYC, etc!

Brands I am interested in from over seas:

Etude House, Missha, Jill Stuart, Banila Co, Vov, Majolica Majorca, Sasa, Canmake, Kiss, Laneige, The Face Shop, Lavschuca, Kose, Kate, Kanebo, DoDo Club, Pupa, Love Clover, Beauty Credit and Awake plus many more.

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment and Tawaka Ball

The tawaka ball is amazing but it is like $65 dollars. It smells amazing like Chocolate, nuts, and spice! When I used it, it felt like I was washing my body with a big ball of chocolate. It also comes with this lovely heavy soap like dish holder. It was a gift from the hubby and boy was this better than a box of chocolates! It was puchased from in which you can return even after you use it!

Honestly, I was a little hesitant to try this product since my Aunt said it left her hair greasy. But if you read the directions, you apply before you shampoo and condition.  Most hair treatments you do at the end. Well when you put it in your hand it melts into a soft puddle of oil. I saturated my hair like the directions said. It did feel kinda weird in my hair but after I blow dryed my hair I was shocked. It was not oily and my hair felt fluffier and softer than ususally. It was really worth the money!

Visee Glamour Eyes, Majolica Majolook and Frozen Splash Eyes

So I got in a little order from I ordered the Visee glamour eyes and I love it! Its the quad in the center. I think I paid $22 for it. 

The picture below shows what the colors look like on my hand. There are two cream eyeshadows which do not crease at all! woo hoo! When I put this palette on, it looked like I had angel eyes! Great buy!
The Majolica Majorca Majolook palette WH951 is also amazing! It reminds me of the hard candy Dillusional palette but more intense and a lot nicer to work with. It looks light in the picture but it does come out darker and more intense.

I also got the Majolica Majorica Frozen splash eyes in Blue because it looked like it would be the most intense. I had purchased the pink one in the past and I was disappointed because it looked like every other light pink shadow. But the Blue is great! It can be soft for an angel look or intense for a bold summer look! Also adamsbeauty gave me a Shiesdo sample of the Perfect Oil which I have yet to try but I think it might be like the Shu uemura oils.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Review of Only Lotree Powder Foundation and Hanskin BB Gold Caviar

So I thought I would try the samples that I received from ipinkkorea on Ebay. Yesterday I tried the Hanskin BB Gold caviar and I was disappointed because it did not offer much coverage. A litter too sheer for me. I didnt think it had a great smell and the packaging was ok. I was really hoping that it would have had some gold shimmer to it.

Next I tried the Lotree Only Powder Makeup Base and Foundation. Well the makeup base was too white for me. I do have fare skin but it made me look even more pale. It was very moisturizing which was nice but when I applied the foundation on top of it, it made my face look so greasy. So I had to blot my face after then apply some powder. The packaging is adorable and so pretty but in the end these products are not for me.

Honestly, I love the MISSHA BB creams the best! I love the shiny because its really shiny! Warning you must like shimmer to use this one! It gives a great powdery coverage. I also like the regular BB cream as it gives a great matte coverage and lastly the Missha BB watery. Its not as heavy and very moisturizing with medium coverage. There are great to play around with depending on the temperature and humidity of the day!

I did also purchase the Missha BB perfect Coverage which was not so perfect. It was just like the others but more expensive and you do not get much!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Anniversary Haul Sasa, Suki, Majolica Majorica, ElisahCoy, Colour Zone, Clio, Pupa, Australis

My boyfriend of 5 yr. soon to be fiance' got me the best gift ever. He found the site and ordered me 46 pieces of over seas makeup! Brands like Sasa, Suki, Majolica Majorca, Clio, Pupa, Australis. I thought I would give some feedback on my products!

I do want to mention that it was very easy to work with and they gave 3 freebies and they are always running  several deals with the companies that they sell on their site! The shipping is free for international orders over $75 and I even returned a few items and that was easy as well. 

Strawberry Yogurt Mask. First off I love the packaging and it comes with a little spoon! It smells lovely. Its the fake kind of strawberry smell but I love that smell! As for the product it does not deliver any major benefits for my skin.

Suki 15 eye color palette. Its actually really nice for the price! Pretty cheap! The colors are not sheet or flat. Rather they have a medium shimmer and are heavily pigmented!

Australis Mini Clutch Palette. Oh this kit is so cute! Its so soft and discrete. The colors in the palette are kinda sheer. So this is not that great of a buy for the price. 

Sasa Trio palettes- Good quality for price! Really pigmented and soft!

Clio Art Professional shadow- Expensive! But the quality is there for the price! Colors are pigmented and multi reflective with a silver background!

Majolica Majorca eye shadow customize- Of coarse these shadows are great! I only paid $9.30 for them at Color Be121 is kinda sheer and may not be worth it if you have a vanilla color already.

Sasa Single eyeshadows are only $3.40 and these have a pretty good amount of pigment and a wide selection of color!

Colour Zone- these are also great colors! They are around $7-8 so they can add up if you buy a few. But the colors again are pigmented but are not metallic. 

ElisaCoy Cacao Greentea Age fitness Mask- This mask is divine! It smells just like chocolate! But it is very expensive for the size you get. It feels like a thin mask and it dries but it washes off easily. I did feel that my skin was really smooth after washing it off! 

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Small Origins Haul + Freebies! Woo Hoo

So I wandered in an Origins today in Kansas City MO. Dont ask why I'm here but they were running a good deal which expired today =( Sorry Guys! But it was $10 off a purchase of $40. So I bought $80 worth of product and only paid $60! Plus got some awesome freebies!

$20 Go Gingerly Kit. I love the way this smells! It smells like candied ginger! It is a great kit because its small for traveling and you get to try everything! The kit comes with a scrub, Ginger burst body wash, Whipped body cream and Ginger up Shampoo! 

$22.50 12 good size ginger bath fizzes! But you kinda need two per bath to really smell it. So it is a little pricy.

$12.0 No Offense Alcohol Free Deodorant. Its awesome because it wont burn when you use it after your shave and its made with no preservatives or fillers! But honestly, its not the strongest deodorant. I would still use a stronger one if were t be somewhere really hot!

$20.00 Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Buffing Cleanser- Yummy! Smelled so good had to have it! Not so much grapefruit but more like PEZ orange candy! It has no preservatives or fillers! The buffing is mild but it is very moisturizing!

FREEBIES! I just asked the woman if she had any samples and she gave me huge sized samples!
-She gave me a paradise found body cleanser $1.7oz (Smells like pineapples and oranges), a silkening Body Spritz that somehow magically feels so soft on my skin! I might buy this! She also gave me two mini pods of "Never say Dry"!

I would say I got a pretty good deal today!