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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pop Beauty Lid Pastel Palette AMAZING!!!!

I bought the lid neon and I loved it! So I thought I would try the lid pastels and wow simply amazing! They are super intense, super sparkly and super duo chrome! If you love girly baby soft colors, this is the palette for you! The applicator that comes with it is a normal cheap-o applicator. I bought it for $24 at Ulta. The eyeshadow is talc based and can fall off your eyes easily so where a primer.
The colors remind me of the hard candy delusional palette but a lot nicer and more intense.
The two colors that stand out the most are the purple on the left and the 4 color from the left. Its a coral pink. I have yet to see colors similar to these. 
These last two colors have less metallic sparkle and more of a shimmer. These I have seen before. 
Pop Beauty also came out with a whole primer line! Face lips and eyes!

They also came out with like 10 new palettes! Its a shame sephora pulled this line! Check it out girlies!


Mary said...

oh!! the Shimmer!!...I!..

u are right!! i forgot that sephora pulled that line from their stores!!

I would always walk by and be such bright colors!!

LOVEpink said...

such cute colors!

Kimberly Tia said...

Hi sexy doll face!

your cupcake is done!!!
i'll ship it first thing monday morning for you!

you can see it here: