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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Covergirl Blast Collection Eyeshadows Eye Enhancers- Cheap off!

I just love the Covergirl Blast colors of the Eye Enhancers Collection! They are so vibrant and only $3.00 a piece! If you have a coupon to Ulta or somewhere else, you can get them even cheaper!

All of these colors are not super pigmented but they have a soft consistency and they can easily be as deep looking in color when compared to high end cosmetics, you just have to apply more. Also they all have matching glitter colors to the shadow color itself in them.

Tropical Fusion 205- I love this set! It is going to look so pretty in the summer!

Drama Eyes 222- This kit looks great at night. Very seductive!
Gold Sizzle 420- This color is very pigmented! Its looks super metallic and frosty!
Purple Pop 455- This color has a pretty pearl undertone. 
If you are looking for a cheap Makeup thrill, try these babies out!


LOVEpink said...

ohhh they have covergirl e/s right now that come with a bonus so i might pick on up thanks to your post :) <3

Kimberly Tia said...

mmmm WHO's that SEXY COVER GIRL!?!??!