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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Body Shop Moroccan RoseFlower Pink Blush, Shimmer Cubes Palette 18 Spring 09

So I went to try out the Moroccan Rose Collection at the Body Shop. 

First thoughts pretty elegant simple packaging.  The plastic that the eyeshadows/blushes come in remind me of Shu Uemura's newer cases.

I love the shimmery dusty rose color of the lipstick cases.

So I tried the whole collection and it was ok 

The whole collection smells like rose! Like a real heavily scented Rose. 

The Roseflower eye colors were ok. The sunshine gold is very light! Not like the girl in the picture at all! The Mint Eyeshadow is very pretty! However I have tons like it!

The roseflower radiance stick was very pretty as well. The formula is super soft! It does have a slight tacky feeling so that is why I did not buy it. The color is an intense light light pink shimmer.

Both Roseflower Blushes have gold shimmer in them which are nice. The fusia color is very pretty but very much like many blushes out there.

I really like the Pink color blush. It is shown below.

It is a baby pink with gold shimmer. You have to have a heavy swipe to get a lot of color.
I also purchased the shimmer cubes palette number 18. This is definitely one of the prettiest!
The colors are very shimmery and pigmented! I love love love them! The gray is a very pretty. It is an intense steel gray! The mint color is my second favorite! The pink and white shimmer are very hard to distinguish on pale skin. Either way this palette works great even for a highlighter!


Eliza said...

I have been eyeing the new Moroccan blushes but don't know about The Body Shop quality.

How is it? Just shimmery?

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Hey Girl. Yeah actually both blushes have color. They are not just highlighters. I would not have bought it then. I bought the lighter color and it is a babydoll pink and it showed up on my fair skin. Now maybe on darker skin the lighter shade may not work but the darker shade should show up on everyone.

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

By the way Eliza, I have a poupee too! My name is under Dana C. I am not sure how to search for someone as I have just started with the site but see if you can try to find me!

Eliza said...

Oh no! I really liked the lighter colour but I guess the darker one is the way to go. I will probably go to the store later to see how it is. Both colours are indeed really pretty!

Yay more poupee friends! I don't think they have the search option but I think if you go to your own home page and copy the link.. it should work. Or you could just click on mine on my blog to add. I haven't even really updated my poupee in such a long time!

By the way, I'm going to add you to my bloglist! I hope you don't mind!