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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missha Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel, Missha Mineral Ball Powder

I purchased this on a whim because I love the Skin Food Morning Peel Gel and the Super Aqua can in the same size exact size and shape tube! Too my surprise they are similar! I only like certain types of peels. I like the one where you just rub it on and it peels. I do not like the ones that dry and then you have to rub them off because they get caught in my little peach fuzz hairs.
A drop of the peel on my hand. It smells refreshing and it has a cool feeling. Its made with fruit extracts, Green tea extracts, Milk extracts, and caffeine. 
Within in seconds of rubbing on my skin, I felt a cool tingling sensation and the gel started to "peel" away from my skin. I definitely think its a keeper!
So I am really getting into mineral based makeup powders. They really are better for your skin since plain and simple they contain less ingredients. Most of them are non-comodeogenic, fragrance free, talc and or preservative free. Don't get me wrong they are not as fun but after a month of switching to these types of powders (foundation and blushes). I have noticed that my skin is not getting as clogged nor as oily.
I purchased the darker color.  Once you separate the middle layer, they will be a little pouf that is used to keep the beads in one spot. They you can take brush and invert it over the beads and gently move back and forth to pick up the powder. It takes several dips in the beads to really cover your face. Once your face is covered, it offers a medium coverage. My face did not get oily throughout the day from it. Only where I used a non-mineral blush did my face get oily. Its a neat product but I prefer a pressed powder as it offers more coverage. But if you are looking for something that offers a medium overage and is a mineral powder, this might just be a good one to try.
The color is on the top of my hand . You can see where it is a little yellow. I have a more pink tone to my skin but it still worked!