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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bliss The Youth as We Know It, Anti-Aging Toner

This toner contains pH rebalancers, advanced moisture binders, Brightening multi-fruit complex, oxygen boosters, collagens, and elastin protectors.

Actual ingredients include: orange extract (brightener), lemon extract (brightener), maple sugar extract (brightener), saccromyces lysate (its a microbe!), sugar cane extract, sodium hydroxide (oxygen booster) etc. 

I am not sure what every ingredient does but the few I mentioned, I know what they do =)

It has a slight jelly consistency and it turns into a liquid. It has a fruit smell like the whole line does. I really like the smell actually. 
It does leave a little residue on your face. They say its a prep for the moisturizer. 
It does a great job in removing dirt from your face! I paid $28 for it.