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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Urban Decay Eye Shadows Matte and Shimmer: Jones Vert Elderado Electric Purple Haze

I went into Ulta and one of the workers handed me a Friends and Family Coupon for the day of 40% off for in store only. So I purchased several Urban Decay Eyeshadows!

Here are the color and swatches

Jones: A shimmery medium to bright orange. The only orange by UD.
Vert: An iridescent green shimmer! Really a neat color! My fave of the 5.
Elderado: A yellow gold shimmer with heavy flakes!
Electric: A bright matte blue! A neat super matte eyeshadow. Very pigmented.
Purple Haze: A deep purple iridescent shadow!
Left to right:

Purple Haze  :  Elderado:  Jones:  Vert : Electric