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Friday, December 12, 2008

BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!!! Suki Pure is Suck-y Pure!

Suki Pure or Suck-Y Pure? That is the question.

So I had a lovely little post about a day ago on this cheap little brand from overseas that I love! But because that name of the company exists in the US in which they sell different products, I am not allowed to post on it because they have a similar name trademarked for the US even through my product is from Korea. The brand has two words Suki Pure and only the first word is the same! To all my viewers, can you figure out which post over the last two days has been taken down?

I got sent a threatening email that they were going to forward it to their attorneys by Monday if I did not take it down! Also they only emailed me in the middle of the day today, Friday! How unprofessional! They have given me barely any notice! Plus to top it off, their email subject said Important and Urgent and it went to my spam box! Also they accused me of trying to sell my stuff! If they read my blog, all I did was post pictures of it! 

They said the problem will be resolved if I take it down, but all they did was make a problem for me. As a cosmetic chemist for a major billion dollar company, I bet that Suki Pure customers are not happy with their customer service.

 In fact, I have read several blogs now on this brand and one person  said, I quote "Suki Color my ass. This thing should be called Suck-y Color because thats basically all this thing does. It sucks and it sucks hard"


Also this company over charges for things that are made with vegetable oil, shea butter and all cheap stuff that you can buy and make yourself. Do you want to make natural stuff cheaply? Go to They sell all the organic ingredients to make everything!

Lastly, I work with several chemicals that are in the ingredients that many natural/ organic companies are saying are bad for you. First off they have no facts to back that information. Secondly, the FDA regulates what is deemed safe to go in cosmetics. So if you trust the FDA with your food and things that go in your body, why would you not trust them with cosmetics?

Do not over pay for something that is "pure", when in all honesty those "pure" ingredients are super cheap! 

The answer is Suck-y Pure! Meaning they purely suck! Wow its great being able to voice an opinion since we live in the land of FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF CHOICE