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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clio Professional Shimmer Lipgloss

I really like this color! It is called cherry gold.  One swipe of it gives a good amount of color. The texture is not sticky rather it is soft and pliable.  It also has a pleasant fruity scent. I bought this in a Korean town in NY. I paid a high amount for it but I figured I was there so might as well. But from now on it is definitely best to buy it on since I paid 2x the amount!

I really am overly happy with CLIO products. They are always good, pigmented and reliable products. I believe they are made in Italy but are also sold in Korea.

The color has a soft red pink color with gold glitter.
This is the color applied on medium pink lips. If makes the color look more pink/red.
In the tube though it looks really dark even though it is not.

In this pic, I decided to wear my SUKI blue eye shadow, my clubbing blue mascara by Bourjois and the Clio lipgloss in Cherry Gold!