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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pixi Lumi Lux Eye Palette

Another UK brand! Pixi by Petra is a popular UK brand. You can buy them at Target as well. One of the original creators of this brand created POP Beauty as well, which can be found at Sephora. Rumor has it that Sephora will soon pull this brand. Either way Pop Beauty and Pixi use the same ideas and formulations in their products. I also suggest to try out this brand! I am going to be posting some pics of their small eyeshadow palettes. These are also nice. or

This palette is not cheap it was $38 but I have to say you get an amazing amount of colors! From dark to light to shimmers to metallics! 

The palette is encased in a gold foil looking packaging. It looks like a cute clutch! One downfall is that there is no brush or applicator so you have to bring one in your purse!

This is the palette opened
This is a swatch of the dark side and light side. I have to say the most fun part of doing these swatches was just wiping my whole arm across the palette. The swatches came out so perfect!
This is a zoomed in view of the top half of the darks.
Lower half of the darks.
Upper half of the lights.
Lower half of the lights.
Then I took both my arms and rubbed one arm against the other and I created these neat combo colors!