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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lioele BB Pressed Powder

I love the package of this powder! It has a quilted pink shimmer fabric under the plastic container. Also I love the logo of this company because it reminds me of the Disney Princess Carriages!
The applicator is very nice in this pact. It is very soft and has a velvet feel when touched. It also holds on to the powder nicely.
The powder does have some shimmer. But it is so minimal that you cannot see it when applied. Also the smell is nice. It is a heavier floral scent but I have smelt ones that are stronger. It is about the strongest that I will go when it comes to scents in powders. 

The formula of this powder is different then others in that it has a more loose consistency and a more baby powder like texture. I can tell it does not have a lot of fillers holding it together like most powders. Actually I like it better this way because it feels more natural when applied. 

This is the color number 23. This is a little lighter than other 23s. I did not swatch it because it can barely be seen on my hand since its actually a perfect match.

I bought it on Gmarket from the Lioele seller. They gave me so much free stuff! It was crazy! I bought three things from them and they have me 4 full size items, tons of minis and some coupons.

I highly recommend this company for the quality and price!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Nice powder in a cute case, very Lioelle-ish.
I need to check up at the Lioelle seller because I am a sucker for freebies...:D

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if this is really a BB powder, or just a powder. I checked Liole web and thay didnt say that this was BB. Thanks!