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Monday, December 8, 2008

Isle of Eden Get Glowing Sugar Scrubs

I got a super good deal on these scrubs by the Isle of Eden. I heard of this neat little company from the Muse.  I got a 50% off deal plus a free scrub! So I ended up getting 4 scrubs for only $27.00 with shipping! How crazy is that? 

Also these are full size~ 10 oz! I chose to have the tops decorated. Its free so why not! Basically all they do is add glitter. It is nothing like it looks on the internet though! 

The scrub is pretty abrasive and it does not have a lot of oil in it. It does have several natural oils but it is mostly sugar.  It super exfoliates and it does turn into a creamy fluff! It does not leave a scent on you after using it unfortunately. Also it does not leave much moisture behind. Either way if you can get these cheap they are worth it because they smell lovely, they super exfoliate, and they are cute! I also even tried this on my face! It really removes dead skin cells! 

The first scent is Aquamarine Dream! It smells like sweet sugar!

Carnival of Doom from the Halloween Collection. Smells just like an orange cream-sickle.
Banana Vanilla Cake. Smells just like Banana with a fluffy light vanilla cake scent!
Chocolate Cappuccino-  Smells just like the name. Its a good pick me up or even good when you are on a chocolate crave!