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Friday, December 26, 2008

Etude House I Can't Stop Smiling - Spring Collection

I have had this collection for a few days and I just could not wait to post on it but with the holidays it has been hard.

So first the prettiest part of the collection is the I can't stop smiling blush pearls.

The puff in this is so beautiful! The bottom of the puff is a pink velvety puff but the top is an angelic fluffy bow!

Below is the multi color pearls. Despite this being protected in shipping, most of my green pearls were broken. Of course as most asian blushes, it is not a blush. It is more of a highlighter. I did not swatch the highlighter because I could not get a good picture of it. It really just gives a pretty light pink sheen. The pearls are more chalky and more powdery than shimmery. So in my opinion it has a texture like a blush but looks more like a soft highlighter.
The next part of the collection is the "Smile" perfume. I purchased it in the jelly form. They do sell it in a neat lace bottle as well. Well this perfume is kinda strong. It smells like most asian perfumes in my opinion. It is very heavily scented but it does have a nice lemon smell in the background. I put a little on my wrist and I had a headache for hours =(
Below is a cute little kit that I heart so much. It has for little containers each with something different.
When you turn over the containers, the bottoms have a special shape in the plastic such as a heart or star. They really payed attention to the detail.

So the yellow star is a cake fragrance in the scent of "Smile", the "star" is a pink blush cream, the blue heart is a silver cream shadow that unfortunately creases like mad but if you mix it with some powder is helps prevent the creasing. The last container is a clear orange sheer gloss that smells like the "smile" fragrance. 
From left to right: the silver shadow, the pink blushing cream, and the clear gloss.
When it comes to color and overall performance, the lipgloss collection is the best. These smell like berries and have a great color payoff! I just love the boxes in this collection! I just do not want to throw any out!
Left to right: The berry color gloss is more of a light pink shimmer gloss, the middle gloss is a very light pink gloss but with purple iridescence and last is a red berry gloss that has no shimmer. All of these are truly lovely.

This whole collection was purchased from the Gmarket seller Etude House.

What do you think?

I want to know!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Wow, the glosses are really lovely. I saw them on gmarket as well, but I was a bit scared of the colors depicted in the promo pic. However, these look lovely.
I only ordered the pearl so far, but I will be adding the glosses to my next gmarket order.

Kathi said...

Ha, I just got the collection some days ago, too! I got the lipgloss trio, the powder beads, the body spray and the little kit with the cake perfume, balm, shadow and cream blush =D

Oh, did you notice that etudehouse stopped selling on Gmarket? I really hope they'll be back as I would have to buy on eBay and that would mean paying about double of the retail price =(

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Kathi just informed me that the Etude House seller is MIA from Gmarket.

I hope they bring it back too! I used to by my Etude House from ipinkorea on ebay and altough she gives me loads of freebies and a small discount, I have to pay 2x too.

Kimberly Tia said...

i loooooooooooooooove your blog, and alllll your goodies, omg omg omg.... I'm also obsessed with Japanese/Korean beauty products.. something about the gorgeous packaging and quirky lil artwork always nabs my eye!

happy 2009 and you got a new fan!!!

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Thank you kimerbly Tia for enjoying my posts! I am excited to have a new fan! Please sign up for the blog!