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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MIssha M Mascara 4 line brush and Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara

The Missha M Mascara 4 Line brush was not a great buy. It was $22.  First off the 4 lines of brushes are a very hard plastic and it has all those synthetic fibers. Surprisingly the fibers do not fall out during the day like some other fiber mascaras. But it did not give a full look nor even a partial look. I had to really apply it for a long time to get anything. The package is pretty but thats it!

I love the Vivid Impact mascaras by Max Factor! These are great! They actually do come out very close to the colors on the tubes! I have the brown carat and the pink/blue 910. 
If you look at the picture below you can see that I have the mascara on with the highlighting coat on the bottom! I am sure to buy more of these! THe base color brush is one of those rubbery prickly brushes which was not my fave but it still gave a full look! Go max factor!