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Friday, September 26, 2008

BB Creams Coming to the USA???

Hey guys! I got some really great information! I am studying to be a cosmetic chemist. They are they people that make all of our beauty products that we love so much! Well I was talking to a new friend I have made at L'oreal who works in the foundation department. Anyway I was telling her how I love BB Creams. She was like how do you know of these? She said at L'oreal, who owns lancome, shu uemura, body shop, Maybelline etc, that they just had a meeting 6 months ago about BB creams. Someone came over from Asia to educate them on it and guess what the best news was? They are going to start making them and releasing them over hear in the next year. There only concern is that the public does not know of them over here! So weed to educate and build up hype for them! So we have to pass on this blog and promote BB creams on and where ever else! Why? Well did you know that the cosmetic chemists make fake screen names and go on these sites for ideas and also to see what women want? WELL LETS START SOME COMMOTION FOR BB CREAMS LADIES!


the Muse said...

oh my god this is awesome news dana!

I hope they get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!