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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 haul- MM, Sasa, Cosline, Suki, Noble Sensations, Cameleon

So I ordered these Shape Ups. They were $8 and they are not what I expected. I thought they were going to be like soft band aids but they are pink cellophane wraps. I am not sure how to use them lol. I think you can just put them on and it blocks your skin from breathing.

I also got for free this nifty little nail kit by sasa!

Since I am really getting into the powder masks, I thought I try one of each of the Cosline brand. It says you can add water or milk. Sounds yummy lol One pack was only a few dollars and I will likely get like 10 masks out of 1 pack!
I love the Sasa Lovely eyeshadows so much! They are around $5.0 each and they are very metallic and have a strong color for the price. In one of my previous blogs I mentioned how the YL yellow looked just like SHU me yellow330! The payoff is grand for the small price tag!

I also got the Suki palettes which were onl $3.00 each and I really like them actually because they are very powdery and have a pastel finish. The main ingredient is talc which is a sign of a cheap shadow but these are actually pretty good! All of them have a little shimmer to boot!

I also got two lip duos by Sasa but I am not happy with the colors I selected because they are not pigmented! They are pretty sheer and these were around $8 each. =(

Good Ole' Majolica Majorca to the rescue! I am still in love with the majolook palettes. I got GR744 on the left which gives a nice pastel finish and reminds me of easter! However, it comes with a deep black creme liner that just does not match! The palette on the right is PK740. I purchased this one because I my BF got me BR742 and when looking at it online I was like Eww but when I got it I loved it! Well this palette was the opposite for me! I loved it online but was not impressed in person. The blue is pretty because it is iridescent.

I also purchased to Suki lipsticks. I love love love the packaging! But the colors as cute as they look go on super sheer! They are one of the most moisturizing lipsticks out there! They remind of the Shu uemura lollishine line. One application actually wears down the lipstick more than usual.
This little flower bag was free from sasa!
I love this Cameleon Blush palette! I got the eyeshadow palette in which I posted on earlier. But this palette has 12 really nice matte to soft shimmer colors! It is really great if you are an artist! It was only $8.0. I hope they come out with more palettes.
The last thing I got I have already posted on. The noble essence masks! I have only tried the Germanium mask but as I said earlier my skin felt like a baby's bottom! Love this stuff!