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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Majolica Majorca Majolook RS354, Etude House Color Me Nude/ Missha Eye Change/ Missha The Style Glitter Liner/ Missha M Blusher

I love this MM palette. Pinks are hard to pull off on pale skin. The intense and medium pink have a blue iridescence and the cream at the top is really pigmented and really helps hold down the shadow. The colors can be seen on my hand. in person they are really intense!

The Missha Style glitter line is really pretty but can harden and then fall off in flakes =( 

I love the color me nude lip concealer by Etude House peach. It does not smell at all which was a disappointment. But it gives that base for lipstick and even looks kinda cool just wearing it alone. It gives that bare shu uemura look!

Missha Magic Eye Change. I thought this was supposed to help make shadows more intense and stay on better but I cant really figure out what the purpose of this is lol. Any suggestions?

Lastly is the Missha M blusher in Heidi. It gives a soft pink shimmer glow! It is really nice but it takes a lot to show even a little color. 

This is the new missha style eyeshadow holder. I think its really nice! I wish that had ones that would just hold the minis because I have more minis than the metallic ones!


the Muse said...

great blog dana :)

I'll be visiting often!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i have read in the blog below that the missha magic eye change is used to change regular powder eyeshadow to eyeliner...