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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Face Shop Flower Mousse Foundation and the Flower Shimmer Finish Pact Pink

I love this mousse foundation #21. The compact is really cute and it gives a nice soft powder medium coverage. You do not get a lot if you want full coverage.

The shimmer finish pact  is so lovely to look at! It is a little tricky to open. It is a pink/purple iridescent pack. 
When you open it there is a first level that has a snap in design to hold the brush. It is a descent brush but I would think that this would have had a poof because it is not overly shimmer that it couldn't be used a face powder rather than highlighter.
The pack itself has about 50% shimmer to it and it is a pink iridescent color. It is very nice and it gives a lovely sweet look! There is no fragrance to this. It also has a mirror.