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Sunday, September 14, 2008

MISSHA FALL 08 M Dot Collection and Style / Face Shop Cushion Blusher

So I got a lot of the New Missha Collection! I love the M Dot blending eyeshadows! Below is the Violet color! It gives a medium to light purple color! Its a great texture and suitable on almost skin tones.

M Dot Blending Pressed Powder! Look at this case! Lovely with a little diamond chip in the center!
Missha M Dot Blending Pressed Powder! I love love love this! I think Lotus Palace might like this! It gives a soft white/pink color! It has a little screen that opens too! It gives a nice soft medium coverage! 
More Missha Style Shadows! These are only three a piece and for my skin tone these are perfect! They are all shimmery and give the perfect amount of pigment for daily usage. They are not heavily concentrated.
More missha lucid berry lips. The red one on the left is better than I thought. It is actually a clear red gloss with red/orange microglitter! I didnt think I would like it but I love it! On the right is the hot pink color with silver microshimmer! The lucid berry lips outside of the Dia gloss are my favorite missha items right now!
This was for free. It is the Face shop Cushion blusher. It is pretty pigmented and it feels literally like a cushion when you touch it! It is so bouncy! Somehow! This is a soft brighter pink!
MIssha M Vita BB cream! It has 7 different yummy vitamins for your skin. it is just like the regular missha bb cream. So I hope it does something different to my skin lol!
Missha Crystal shine rouge. A waste of money. It looks pretty in the tube and it has "The style" printed on the lipstick just like Urban decay's new print on lipstick thing. It gave no color! None of the colors showed up! It was very moisturizing but no color!