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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Skin79 BB Creams- Hologram, Shiny Pearl Water Drop, VIP Gold, and Super+ BB

In this picture above, I have on the Pearl Water drop. It is a super sheer coverage. It does not offer much because I glow. In the picture below I have on the hologram. It offers a very pretty dewy appearance and offers a lot more coverage.

So I ordered a bunch of BB creams by Skin79. I bought them from the "Skin79" seller on Gmarket. The first one I have to show was a freebie. It has a key ring attached for BB on the go! I didn't think it was a great BB cream but it does contain Caviar, and Hyluronic acid. It gave a medium coverage with a good amount of moisture. I wouldn't go run to by it though. 

This BB cream, Hologram, was pretty good. Comparable to Missha Shiny but with a lot less shimmer. It has small micro fine glitter with a medium coverage. I like that its oil free and it was very moisturizing. I was hoping it would have been more interesting because of the name.
The Super + BB cream I love! It is loaded with so many fruits, flowers and other lovely extracts. It was very moisturizing and I love the packaging! It is very nifty! It has arbutrin for whitening and UV protection. 

My favorite though it the Shiny water pearl drop! I am a sucker for glitter! But this glitter was thicker and chunkier than the normal micro fine glitter. It also was not heavy. It was a great buy! I bet it will be great on those summer days! It also is oil free!


Eve said...

I've been using the Etude House BB cream..nothing exceptional about it thou. I kinda like how the Pearl Water Drop and Hologram looks...could u please test it on your face perhaps? the pics are kinda blurry...=p

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Hey! I posted some pics of me wearing it. If you want a full coverage shimmery BB cream. I still like Missha BB shiny the best. Also the regular BB cream by Missha or the Skin 70 Super BB cream over the most heavy coverage. The Shiny Water drop offers the least coverage of all of the BB creams that I have.