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Monday, October 13, 2008

Canmake Multiproof Powder in 01 Shimmer Ochre

The case is an adorable pearl pink. The powder does not have a scent at all. I would prefer a scent. It has small purple iridescent particles in it that are supposed to counter act redness in skin. If you straight at the palette in the light you cannot see the purple particles. If you tilt the compact towards the light you can see them. But either way when you apply this powder you do not see any shimmer. It give a soft medium coverage and the color blends in easily with the skin. But to call this a shimmer powder would be a big negative because there is barely any shimmer in it. For pale skin like mine, this is a great color. It comes with a spongy like applicator. This was purchased from Overall it is a cheaper quality powder. To pay $14.50 with shipping in my opinion is high. The quality of this powder is like NYC in the USA. Also the pictures of the color on the website are completely off. But in the end I will keep it because I am really into powders lately =0)

Has anyone used this before? What are your thoughts?


Glow Chaser said...

Canmake is abit hit or miss with me! Its like playing bingo or something.