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Friday, October 17, 2008

Myths/Truths: Mineral Oil, Talc, and Parabens etc. How bad are they?

So this is going to be an interesting post. I have been training to become a cosmetic chemist and I have learned a lot of things!

1.) Myth: So everyone thinks mineral oil is the sign of a cheap bad product. 
Truth: It is cheap but it is one of the best oils out there because the size of the molecules will not clog yours pores! Things like the natural oils like Safflower and vegetable etc. are small enough that they can get in your pores!

2.) Myth: Talc is cheap and clogs pores: 
Truth: It is cheap but out of the powders out there, it is the least likely to clog pores

3.) Myth: Parabens are bad!
Truth: There have not been any studies that have stated that methylparabens are bad for you! The FDA would not allow it to be in the products if it were! There was one study of a very high molecular weight paraben (which has never been used in makeup) that was considered not to be safe. Its the marketers scamming you.

4.)Myth: Burt's Bees are the best healthiest products out there
Truth: Yes and No. Just because it is natural does not mean its good for you! There are several fats that are in cosmetics that are bad for you where as the synthetic ones are healthier! Also people say they want organic products but did those people ever think how that impacts on the environment? 

5.) Myth: If I can't pronounce or read what is on the label then it has to be pretty bad!
Truth: This is not true at all. All of the chemicals that go into makeup have been approved by the FDA for many many many years! Also a lot of the chemicals that are made are made in the likeness of things that our bodies actually have and make. For example, AHAs and HAs are the new thing in products but they were all synthetically made. Truth is we have these in our bodies! So what is the big deal? Nothing! A chemists view is to make something that will be a mimic to your skin, impart color, and provide added benefits

6.) Myth: Marketers control what comes out on the shelves.
Truth: YES this is very true. A chemist does not have much say. The marketers decide what people want, what to add, the packaging, and the labels. So ladies, if you want something to change speak up in forums and email the companies you like! They will listen!


Did you know that in the USA we only have 35 approved colors to use in cosmetics? The list in the early 1900's was up to 90+. The FDA has very tight regulations on products.

Did you know that in Japan, they are not allowed to have fragrance in lip products?

The USA, Japan, and UK all have different regulations with their cosmetics. This is why Lush's cosmetic line is not in the US yet. Because they have a lot of colors and dyes that are not approved of in the US.

Did you ever wonder why in the USA we do not have any powders or cosmetics that have UVA?UVB protection in them besides chapsticks? Thats because in the USA since the chemical that is used in these products for UVA UVB protection goes into mucous membranes and that it is considered a drug not a cosmetic. Where as in Korea it is not.


lelaelena said...

Second it.
I am totally obsessed with cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients (check out my blog:
and I agree waaay too many people are absolutely obsessed with natural natural, when actually natural products are rarely as effective or non-irritating chemically modified ones.
Good on you that you're studying cos-chem, everyone should do what they love.

I recently got accepted to makeup artist school.

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Thank you for reading my blog. I am off to read yours!