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Monday, October 20, 2008

Jelly Pong Pong Venus Magical Pearls- Immortal and Aurora

I love these pearls! I got them for only$16 each with free shipping from This is a lot cheaper than getting from jelly pong pong's site! I went with immortal and aurora.
First off these are super tiny pearls. They look like little micro beads on a necklace. You get more than you will likely ever need.
So these nifty little beads actually have a color on the outside and when you crush the pearl, there is a whole different color on the inside!
On the left you can see what aurora looks like crushed. It is a pretty aqua blue with a little shimmer. On the right is immortal crushed. It is a baby pink.
On the left is the outside of immortal which is a black with tons of chunky silver glitter and on the right is the outside of aurora which is a pale shimmery sky blue.
The highlighting of the outside color of immortal is very intense and is best used a base and not a highlighter. The inside color is nice to put on your cheeks or yours eyes. The color on the outside of aurora is kind of disappointing because you have to press heavily on the beads to get any even on your finger. however, the inside is a lovely color! All and all I think these were a great neat item to add to my beauty box!