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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Etude House Dual Change Eyeliner + Eyeshadows + Petite Lipsticks

So the dual change liner is similar to many eyeliners. However, it is not a felt tip liner. It is a brush liner. This is why I really like this eyeliner. It can move more with the shape of your eye. Whereas a felt tip liner cannot do this. Technically, practically any liquid eye liner can be a dual change. What Etude House means by dual change is that you can use the tip of the liner to make a fine line or you can press harder and use more of the side to make a thick line. The precision of the liner is impressive. Also, it is not leaky or a thick solution. It is like a sharpie pen. Also, it stays on for a long time and you need eye makeup remover to remove it. It was around $5 on

These shadows were only $3.0 a piece on Gmarket. com and for the price the payoff I think is worth it. Not to mention the cute designs. These were from the "Etude House" seller.
The colors below are swatches of the shadows. From left to right, PK704, GR601, PK006,WH704, YL802.
The Petite lipsticks are nice because they are smaller so that they can be carried around easier and because if you are like me, a smaller amount is better because you will never get through a normal size one. This is only because I have like 500+ lipsticks =)
Some of the colors have glitter and some are matte. Either way they all have a glossy finish. You have to apply 2 coats to get full coverage. Also the lipsticks impart a super soft feeling when applied.
From left to right, PP902, PK002, PK005, PK008. 


cat who got the cream said...

I love the bright colors of the lipsticks. I really want the PP 902 now...