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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Banila Co Mineral Surprise Baking Pact, De la Couture Blusher

I had to try the banila co Mineral Surprise baking pact because it was baked! It smells like most banila co products, the same pretty floral smell. The powder was nothing spectacular. It gave a decent coverage and the color was a good color. It was not too white more like a soft nude.

The color on my hand. Rubbed in and not rubbed in.
De la Couture blusher. Once again, I have been disappointed by Banila co. Like many "blushes" in Korea, they are more like highlighters and not blushes. It has the same smell as the baking pact and other powders. The packaging is pretty but it is only taped to the bottom because when I got it, it was partially unattached. I like that on the inside that there is a mirror. Also the pact is a nice copper colored metal. The pattern of the "blush"  is pretty.
Here is a pic of the "blush" on my hand. If you want to make a blush out of it you have to use a good amount and then it makes your face look cake-y.

What do you think?
Do you own any products by Banila co? Tell me if ya do.