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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skin Food Banana Concealer, Green Tea and Milk Mask, Cocoa and Honey Mask

Banana Concealer! Doesn't this sound yummy? When I smelt this, I just about came close to eating it! Well it is a good concealer! It has a sturdy holder, and the concealer itself is creamy yet solid consistency and can easily be applied. I went with number 21 because I planed on using it around my eyes.
These masks both came with an "essence" to mix with the powder. This is the type of mask that you only mix enough for 1 use at a time. I like that is comes in a mixing cup and it came with an applicator/spoon. The smell of both of these are nice. Rich green tea and all its antioxidant properties attracted me to the Green Tea and Milk mask. As for the cocoa and honey mask, its obvious what attracted me! THE COCOA! I love anything with cocoa! For only $4.50 each, I think these were a steal! These smell nice, feel nice, and are cheap!