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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HELP LADIES! Le Sports Sac Beauty Girl Sophie Bag

Hey Ladies

I have a question. I really want the Le Sports Sac Beauty Girl Sophie bag. I have contacted a few people to see if they could help but they were not able to. I am wondering if there is anyone in Japan that can get this for me (Or anyone in general that can get this for me) ?

In return for going out of your way, I will give you either $20 extra or a big makeup bag giveaway!

If you can help please email me. I have paypal!

Thank you so much for your help and for reading my blog!

Luv ya ladies!

Monday, April 27, 2009

B Never to Busy to Be Beautiful Metallic Eyepowder Bora Bora Loose Eyeshadow

The little wooden pots are neat and give a sort of rustic appearance to the product. However you have to unscrew them and they often do not tighten or loosen easily. The threads do not seem to match up great. Maybe I have a dud or maybe not.

You get a good size amount of product.

This color is called Bora Bora. It looks like a baby blue but when swiped....
It is a very light light blue/white. It has a lot of white and silver shimmer in it. The texture is similar to Jesse Girls eye shimmers. They are super fine and not grainy at all. It contains 3 different color micas.

Ever wonder why we do not have this Lush sister store in the US? It is due to that fact that many of the colors that are used in the UK are not considered to be safe in the US. Since many of the colors that B Never uses are not approved in the US, this brand will likely not be coming over. Lush is working on it coming over but if it does, it will mainly be their body products and not the color cosmetic products.

Missha Spring Collection 09

A new formula to an old product.
I am eyeing the blusher in number 1, the pink one!
A new color added to the ball blusher number 3. It is a bronze looking color.
3 new M Dot blending eyeshadows. These were released last year and now they have three new colors. CR01, GL01, and GR01. I am liking the green and pink!
M Mineral Powder Foundation- SPF 30 in colors 21 and 23






Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amuse Cosmetics- Pigmented, Fragrance, Cheap and Amazing!

Hey everyone! So I have a great little beauty find for you!!!


As I said my hubby found this great brand for me try out!

You can get amuse cosmetics at You can earn points and gift certs from cherry culture!

The creator of this line was originally a perfumer and so all of the eyeshadows, lipsticks and powders are scented! They have a scent that is more like flowers typically and not sweets.  A typical large palette goes for $8 and small palettes as low as $4.0!

The main ingredients are talk, mica, mineral oil, magnesium sterate. The shades are very moisturizing and blend like a dream!!! I know the ingredients are simple and cheap but they work great. This formula is what a typical cheap shadow consists of. Also old formulas from the early 90's had similar forumulas.

They also make pearl, metallic or shimmer shades!

Below are just a taste of some of the palettes!

I love the purple green and black in this palette!
This palettes is great for dark skins! Lots of browns 
This palette has every color possible!
The shadows all have the same ingredients so they are all equal in quality no matter which palette you buy.

Here are just some swatches of what the shades look like!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Free Giveaway!! Here it is Gals!

Ok ladies here is the giveaway!

I will ship anywhere! I will not ship with registered mail because of the price for international shipping. 

Here is what the giveaway includes

Lioelle Makeup Removing Wipes
Lioelle Shimmer Sample
Missha Color Corrector Powder
Shisem Eyelashes
Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Bath Powder Sample
Pumice Foot Stone
Smooth Away Shaving Kit (I tried this once but there are all new pads in it)
Missha Color Base Blue (Tested)
Etude House Black Head Cleansing Foam Sample Tube (1x)
ELF shimmering Facial Whip (Pink and Tan)
Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo/Conditioner Sample
Etude House Soothing Mash Sheets (3)
SkinFood Chocolate Soap Bar
Ulta Pink Lipstick (tested)
Ulta Eyeshadow Quad (1x)
Awake Lipstick Stardom (1x)
Pink Cross Ribbon Pin
Sasa Nail Flower


My birthday is this Sunday and so on this coming Sunday, I will use to select the winner. In order to qualify, you need to be a follower and you have to wish me a Happy Birthday in the comment box (cbox) or comment on this post.

I will contact the winner by my email and you must send me your address in its entirety within three days of contacting you.

Good luck ladies!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

FOTD + Amuse Cosmetics + Haul Teaser

I am wearing one of my new many Amuse Palettes. These palettes are super cheap and super pigmented! The main ingredients are mica, talc, mineral oil, kaolin and FD&C dyes.  Now to many people feel mineral oil and talc are cheap fillers and ingredients. It does not matter what a filler is. A filler is a filler is a filler! Personally talc I think it better because it has been around for years and has been trusted but too many women have complained about it and so cosmetic companies that they sell makeup at $7 a shadow have goten rid of this ingredient. I understand there are talc allergies. Also people have complained about mineral oil. Whats so wrong with mineral oil? yeah its cheap but it does not clog pores and it is cheap and filled with good minerals! Once again women have have decided that mineral oil is bad but in actuality it is better than most of the safflower and coconut oils which are major pore cloggers!
The Amuse company started out as fragrance company. So all of their cosmetics are scented which is nice. It is hard to find powders that are scented! I have on the sides of my eyes, a scented roll on glitter. Smells yummy and gives a nice touch to the look.
On my lips I am wearing NYX Goddess of the night gloss. It smells heavy sweet! So if you are not a fan of that avoid this product.

This is the finished look!
Like what you see in this photo? Well this was Easter gift from my hubby lol! Most of the palettes are amuse palettes. There is also tons of NYX cosmetics.

This makeup came from  They were having a 20% of your entire purchase sale.  Also now for every $1 you spend there you get 1 point. When you spend $250 you get a $10 gift card! How cool is that!?

I will be posting soon a bunch of swatches on Amuse cosmetics soon! 

In terms of the giveaway girls, I have a lot of work this week. But I think it will be worth the wait. I have the package ready. I just have to take some pictures and upload them. I will do it soon.  HINT: Includes Lioelle Cleansing Wipes, Etude House Masks, Pumice Bar and samples galore!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Bobble Head + Giveaway News

For a gift for my Hubby's Bday and Easter Gift, I had this made for us! Yes its a bobble head and the heads really bobble! hehe! It says perfect couple! I think its looks just like us!

If you have not heard. I am going to have a giveaway soon! Only rule is you have to be a follower of my blog. To add yourself as a follower, click "Follow" on the followers list!

I am going to post a picture of the giveaway this week! Add yourself as a follower before its too late


Friday, April 3, 2009

Hand and Homemade Broaches + News on My Giveaway!

Armed with a glue gun, tulle, paper flowers, pearls, designer buttons, and left over fabric, these beauties were made into broaches. I do not know about you but broaches are hard to find in the US and often they are big fake plastic flowers or those horrible huge fake stones.

Do you like?

NEWS ON MY GIVEAWAY: I will soon be posting a giveaway of several asian/american items. Some are full size and some are not. In order to participate you must be a "follower". I will then use random. org to make the selection. I will post a picture of the package on my blog and describe what is in it. I will send it anywhere with regular parcel post! =) So if you are interested in participating become a follower!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

EOTD- Majolica Majorca, NYX, Urban Decay, Dior

I have on today:

NYX glitter liner in Lavender 05 - dots below my eye
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Adore- on base of eye
Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash eyes in BL213- eyelid
DiorShow Black out Mascara
Urban Decay Primer Potion