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Monday, April 27, 2009

Missha Spring Collection 09

A new formula to an old product.
I am eyeing the blusher in number 1, the pink one!
A new color added to the ball blusher number 3. It is a bronze looking color.
3 new M Dot blending eyeshadows. These were released last year and now they have three new colors. CR01, GL01, and GR01. I am liking the green and pink!
M Mineral Powder Foundation- SPF 30 in colors 21 and 23


Yumeko said...

oh so sorry about the lss bag since i am on holiday

have u tried maybe they can help u or some shopping services

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

I will try that. I have never used that before. Thank you for trying to help me. Its means a lot!