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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amuse Cosmetics- Pigmented, Fragrance, Cheap and Amazing!

Hey everyone! So I have a great little beauty find for you!!!


As I said my hubby found this great brand for me try out!

You can get amuse cosmetics at You can earn points and gift certs from cherry culture!

The creator of this line was originally a perfumer and so all of the eyeshadows, lipsticks and powders are scented! They have a scent that is more like flowers typically and not sweets.  A typical large palette goes for $8 and small palettes as low as $4.0!

The main ingredients are talk, mica, mineral oil, magnesium sterate. The shades are very moisturizing and blend like a dream!!! I know the ingredients are simple and cheap but they work great. This formula is what a typical cheap shadow consists of. Also old formulas from the early 90's had similar forumulas.

They also make pearl, metallic or shimmer shades!

Below are just a taste of some of the palettes!

I love the purple green and black in this palette!
This palettes is great for dark skins! Lots of browns 
This palette has every color possible!
The shadows all have the same ingredients so they are all equal in quality no matter which palette you buy.

Here are just some swatches of what the shades look like!


sanniet said...

I've been looking at Amuse products too! But I was a little skeptical maybe I'll give it a try now! thanks <3

Lina said...

Preeetty (:
Your hubby is so sweet