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Monday, April 13, 2009

FOTD + Amuse Cosmetics + Haul Teaser

I am wearing one of my new many Amuse Palettes. These palettes are super cheap and super pigmented! The main ingredients are mica, talc, mineral oil, kaolin and FD&C dyes.  Now to many people feel mineral oil and talc are cheap fillers and ingredients. It does not matter what a filler is. A filler is a filler is a filler! Personally talc I think it better because it has been around for years and has been trusted but too many women have complained about it and so cosmetic companies that they sell makeup at $7 a shadow have goten rid of this ingredient. I understand there are talc allergies. Also people have complained about mineral oil. Whats so wrong with mineral oil? yeah its cheap but it does not clog pores and it is cheap and filled with good minerals! Once again women have have decided that mineral oil is bad but in actuality it is better than most of the safflower and coconut oils which are major pore cloggers!
The Amuse company started out as fragrance company. So all of their cosmetics are scented which is nice. It is hard to find powders that are scented! I have on the sides of my eyes, a scented roll on glitter. Smells yummy and gives a nice touch to the look.
On my lips I am wearing NYX Goddess of the night gloss. It smells heavy sweet! So if you are not a fan of that avoid this product.

This is the finished look!
Like what you see in this photo? Well this was Easter gift from my hubby lol! Most of the palettes are amuse palettes. There is also tons of NYX cosmetics.

This makeup came from  They were having a 20% of your entire purchase sale.  Also now for every $1 you spend there you get 1 point. When you spend $250 you get a $10 gift card! How cool is that!?

I will be posting soon a bunch of swatches on Amuse cosmetics soon! 

In terms of the giveaway girls, I have a lot of work this week. But I think it will be worth the wait. I have the package ready. I just have to take some pictures and upload them. I will do it soon.  HINT: Includes Lioelle Cleansing Wipes, Etude House Masks, Pumice Bar and samples galore!


birkinbagbeauty said...

aww, your husband is so sweet for giving you such goodies. I cannot wait for your review on the Amuse palettes.

J├ęssy said...

Wow! Amuse how many pallets you like this product brand? I never used and I am curious after this discount!

Hey girl! What is the color of your blush cream Nyx? it works? is not gummy?

jess said...

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