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Monday, April 27, 2009

B Never to Busy to Be Beautiful Metallic Eyepowder Bora Bora Loose Eyeshadow

The little wooden pots are neat and give a sort of rustic appearance to the product. However you have to unscrew them and they often do not tighten or loosen easily. The threads do not seem to match up great. Maybe I have a dud or maybe not.

You get a good size amount of product.

This color is called Bora Bora. It looks like a baby blue but when swiped....
It is a very light light blue/white. It has a lot of white and silver shimmer in it. The texture is similar to Jesse Girls eye shimmers. They are super fine and not grainy at all. It contains 3 different color micas.

Ever wonder why we do not have this Lush sister store in the US? It is due to that fact that many of the colors that are used in the UK are not considered to be safe in the US. Since many of the colors that B Never uses are not approved in the US, this brand will likely not be coming over. Lush is working on it coming over but if it does, it will mainly be their body products and not the color cosmetic products.


sanniet said...

Ohh what a pretty color! I don't know about Lush too much but some of their products are really nice! I didn't know about this "Lush sister" business hrmm >_<