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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HELP LADIES! Le Sports Sac Beauty Girl Sophie Bag

Hey Ladies

I have a question. I really want the Le Sports Sac Beauty Girl Sophie bag. I have contacted a few people to see if they could help but they were not able to. I am wondering if there is anyone in Japan that can get this for me (Or anyone in general that can get this for me) ?

In return for going out of your way, I will give you either $20 extra or a big makeup bag giveaway!

If you can help please email me. I have paypal!

Thank you so much for your help and for reading my blog!

Luv ya ladies!


tiffany said...

Hi, have dropped you an emai. Kindly check! Cheers. Not sure if im too late! :)

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Thank you so much Tiffany but I ordered the mook awhile ago. I really wanted the Sophia bag but no one could help and only the mook was on ebay. But THANK YOU so much for the offer!