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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tony Moly BB Cream

Not much to say about this BB Cream. I bought it on Its a great match to my skin. It smells like flowers and I do not get oily during the day. I have been slowly pulling away from BB creams and foundations as they all have Comodeogenic ingredients (Pore clogging ingredients).

 I love the way foundations and BB Creams make my skin look but truth be told I found this list online and in my text book and so many of the common ingredients in BB Creams and foundations are pore cloggers!

Either way I am slowly switching to the Neutrogena Mineral line, Clinique, and Almay as their brands offer several Oil Free, Fragrance Free and Non pore clogging products. Basically products that are not fun but that do actually protect my face.

I have been off the BB Creams for 2 weeks and my skin sadly is better! I have been treating my face with Salicyclic Acid and Retinol moisturizers everyday.

Either way back to this BB cream. The smell and texture alone sell me with the BB Cream. Its actually a great buy!

WORD TO THE WISE WOMEN: Not everything in our cosmetics are good for our faces! Be careful always read the labels!